Did you know that one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry is the Pink Star, which sold for over 71 million at an auction?

Not all jewelry needs to break the bank, however. Best of all, there are so many types of jewelry that go beyond simple aesthetics and actually have useful functions that come with them.

Are you wondering what they can do for you? Keep reading to learn all about 6 types of functional jewelry.

1. A Phone-Charging Bracelet

If you’re not familiar with a functional jewelry definition, don’t worry. This phrase refers to any piece of jewelry that has a practical use beyond looking good.

For instance, did you know that you can wear a gorgeous gold bracelet that can also charge your phone? Instead of lugging around an extra charger, you can just wear yours and look great while doing it.

2. A Vibrator Necklace

When it comes to multi-functional jewelry, nothing is more risque than the vibrator necklace. It looks like a nice silver or gold stick, but it can be used whenever you’re in the mood.

Just be sure to wash it so that it stays sanitary.

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3. A Knife Necklace

There are all kinds of knife jewelry, but a necklace is a great way to go if you need access to it at a moment’s notice. This can work great for opening mail, as well as providing protection against burglars and other criminals.

Just don’t wear it to an airport or another location where such items are not allowed.

4. An Essential Oils Bracelet

Aside from self-defense jewelry, you can wear a bracelet that will diffuse essential oils for you. From reducing anxiety to inducing inspiration, essential oils have a lot of uses, but it can be hard to get your dose while on the go.

With a functional essential oils bracelet, all you have to do is wear it and enjoy the relaxing smells.

5. A Bookmark Necklace

If you’re itching for more functional jewelry examples, then you’ll love to hear about the bookmark necklace. As a reader, you’ve probably started a book at least once in the past and didn’t have ready access to a bookmark.

Instead of dog-earing the pages or using a random piece of paper, you can unclip your beautiful necklace and use it to mark your place.


6. A Metro Map Bracelet

Lots of people use the metro in their city every day to get to work.

If you know someone who just moved, then they’ll get a lot of use out of a bracelet that has an accurate map engraved in it.

Ready to Rock Functional Jewelry?

Now that you’ve learned all about 6 types of functional jewelry, you can add them to your awesome ensemble. With so many functions at your fingertips, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a fashionable version of Batman’s utility belt.

We have loads more content on all things related to fashion and beauty. Keeping up with the Joneses is as easy as bookmarking our site and checking back every chance you get.


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