Loretta left full-time teaching in 2014. She was fed up, tired, and stressed working in Primary Education, full time, and being a new Mum.

She soon came to realise something had to give and so handed in her notice at the school she’d been teaching at for 6 years. She took up supply teaching, teaching part-time but there was still a desire to try something new, something she could immerse herself in.

Prior to this, she had worked in London for 4 years as a teacher before moving up to Birmingham to be with her partner and his son, who at the time was only 6.


Having a background in Art and Fashion, Loretta wanted to return to her creative roots. Furthermore, she wanted to find a way of capturing special memories of her son who was a toddler and was growing so fast.

This led her to discover the world of keepsake jewellery! She became hooked and determined to create keepsake jewellery of her own. Loretta went on training and learned how to capture handprints, footprints and fingerprints onto pure silver jewellery.

Her first pieces are precious imprints of her son’s hands and feet made into charms and necklaces.

The last 7 years have led her to create some really special pieces for her customers, some of which have been memorial pieces. Such pieces have helped her customers come to terms with losing someone they love.


Most recently, Loretta has extended her range to include paw print jewellery for pet owners and gemstone jewellery for those who love to wear colourful pieces.

Becoming a small business owner has been one of her biggest achievements. Loretta hopes her story continues to inspire other women to change careers and do something that they are passionate about.

Loretta created hand made jewellery including Fingerprint Jewellery, Handprint Jewellery, Footprint Jewellery and Paw Print Jewellery, also know as Keepsake Jewellery. Her Keepsake Jewellery is made from Pure Silver in the form of charms, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and keyrings. She also created a range of handmade gemstone jewellery using semi-precious stones in the form of necklaces and earrings.


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