In this changing world, home has become a true sanctuary. With these unprecedented times, the bedroom has become more so than ever a sacred space to let go and unwind. The bedroom has become a place of rest, reflection, a cocoon to nurture the soul. The bedroom has become a place to retreat and disconnect from the outside world and allow oneself time to heal. The bedroom has become a place to surround yourself with no chemicals, no toxins. The bedroom has become a place to breathe.


The benefits of a good night’s sleep are improved memory, stress reduction, reduced inflammation and longevity. But do you really know what you’re sleeping with all this time? Do you know what chemicals you surround yourself with in your sheets for all of these hours that may be adversely affecting your health? Is your bedroom really a sacred space free from chemicals and toxic dyes? It should be.


Pure certified organic cotton breathable sheets, quilt covers and blankets are your best friend when it comes to surrounding your skin in non-toxic chemical free dyes and maintaining a comfortable stable body temperature without trapping heat or sweat. Organic Cotton is better for your skin as it breathes with you and is 100% organic with no synthetic fibres like bamboo, viscose and polyester.


Create the ultimate cocoon for sleeping with your sheets and blankets that are free from chemicals and toxic dyes. Just like you feed your body with nourishing food you also need to feed and surround your skin with products that will heal, nurture and protect you. We want you to sleep in a toxic free sleep sanctuary knowing with absolute certainty there are no toxic chemicals, synthetic textile blends, toxic finishers or dyes that harm the earth, humanity and you.


Bhumi wants you to create a home sanctuary of comfort and care and we want you to fall in love with sleep again. Bhumi promise to you are firmly committed to providing ethical fair trade alternatives for sustainable luxurious toxic free sleep that is good for the Earth and Her people.


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