The fragrance industry was worth over $40 billion in 2020. Just over a third of this was brought in by men’s colognes.

Despite making up a minority of the market, there are many different cologne manufacturers, and each one offers their own unique array of choices. This can make it difficult for the average customer to find their own personal style.

What’s the best cologne for you, and where can you get it? That’s not an easy question to answer, because there isn’t a fixed set of rules to help you come to a conclusion.

That doesn’t mean we can’t offer helpful advice, though, and we will in the paragraphs below.

Best Perfumes That Makes You Stand Out

1. Think of the Occasion

Most beauty and fashion experts will tell you that you shouldn’t wear the same cologne all day every day. You may even want to change colognes throughout the day as you go from one set of circumstances to another.

For instance, you shouldn’t wear the same men’s fragrance to work as you would on a date, no matter how much you want that promotion. Having a different scent for each occasion or part of the day can help you impress wherever you go.

2. Understanding Smell

The answer to why cologne should be switched out is as plain as the nose on your face, because the nose on your face. If asked, most of us would say smell is one of the senses we use the least, but it’s also among the most powerful.

Our noses have the unique distinction of being the sense organ that is most directly connected to our emotions. The section of our brain which controls our olfactory processing is next to the area that’s responsible for many of our emotions, which is why smells can trigger a large emotional response.

Smell also comes into contact with the hippocampus as it’s being processed, which is responsible for memories. These functions of smell, emotion, and memory all mesh together in the limbic system, which controls primal reactions, such as eating, sleeping, and avoiding danger.

3. Make it A Habit

If you can, organize the perfumes based on how they make you feel. If one cologne makes you think of romance, use it for date night. If another one relaxes you, put it on closer to the evening so you’ll have less trouble sleeping.

Subtlety is one of the best tactics when it comes to choosing the right cologne. Unless you’re going somewhere that will have strong smells in the air, like a barbecue or a public pool, go with something pleasant but understated. Those around you will appreciate it.

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How to Choose the Best Cologne

Though everybody’s circumstances are a little different, there are things you can do to determine the best cologne. We’ve talked a bit about them in this article.

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