7 out of 10 men don’t know their partner’s bra size, according to new research. The study, commissioned by lingerie brand Pour Moi, showed most men admit they don’t have a clue when it comes to buying new underwear for the missus.

Almost three quarters (73%) of men polled didn’t know the difference between basques and bodysuits, with 60% admitting they didn’t know what style of lingerie their partner liked best.

The data uncovered Altrincham in Greater Manchester as the top location in the UK where the most men are searching for lingerie for their partners.

The lingerie brand conducted the survey after analysing sales and search data that revealed a trend in the rise of men purchasing underwear for their partners which has been on the up for the last five consecutive years.

Many men have awkward experiences with lingerie, from fondling around in the dark to undo a bra to disappointing a loved one by purchasing unflattering underwear for Christmas.

India Reynolds, the brains and the body behind the new India Loves Pour Moi AW22 collection, a range designed to help women feel their fabulous, has answered some of men’s most Googled questions when it comes to buying lingerie for a special someone.

India Reynolds said, “Buying lingerie for the woman in your life is sexy, it’s a gift that you can both enjoy. But it’s not without its challenges – it can be confusing as there’s lots to know, with loads of choice.”


“I’ve answered some of guys’ most asked questions to help them next time they’re looking to buy the missus some new lingerie. There are plenty of men out there who don’t know their way around a bra, never mind the terminology. Hopefully, this will give them the knowledge to shop with confidence and impress their partners.”

“With the new India Loves Pour Moi collection, guys can put their newfound knowledge to good use. We’ve created stylish, timeless and fabulously fitted pieces that make you look and feel amazing no matter your shape, or style is at the core of this range. That’s why we’ve included best-selling styles in new colourways, as well as adding in some fabulous new pieces”

Highlights from the new collection include the India Embroidery Bustier and Thong in a stunning cobalt – the perfect shade update for the new season. The customer fave India Eyelash Lace, a delicate and luxe style, is now available in a stunning red and decadent chocolate. We’re confident you’ll feel fabulous wearing any of new pieces from the India Loves range.

Your questions answered, by India Reynolds:

How do I know my girlfriend’s bra size?

If you don’t know and don’t want to ask as you’re buying as a surprise, the best way to find out is to look in the labels of her bras and check which size she usually wears.

How do I choose underwear for my partner?

If you know what she usually likes, for example if she always wears black underwear, then I would stick to something quite similar, so you know she’ll like it.

Or if you know there’s any areas of her body, she’s self-conscious of, go for something that might give some coverage, like a bodysuit perhaps. This will help with confidence if she wants to hide her stomach, or a push up bra if she wants a fuller bust.

Women always feel sexier when they feel confident, so I think this is key. Also consider what you would like to see her in, if it’s red lingerie I would get a similar shape to something she has in another colour and feels good in.

What style of underwear do I buy for my partner?

Take into consideration what it’s for. If you’d like something she can wear out, then bodysuits and basques look amazing with jeans and a blazer, so this is great option.

Or if it’s for the bedroom, a suspender set, and stockings are perfect. We have a huge range of options so there’s something for everyone.

What is the difference between a T shirt and a Balconette bra?

A t-shirt bra can be padded or non-padded, they are typically seamless or moulded and give a great shape under clothes. They are a soft everyday bra and more plunge in the middle.

A balconette bra offers a rounded look and great support with less coverage, the straps tend to be a little wider-set and join at the side of the cup rather than the centre. Balconettes look gorgeous as a suspender set and are less every day when compared to a t-shirt bra.


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