Nayestones presents its newest Moon Ellipse collection, symbol of femininity and the cycles inherent in life. The recycled 18k gold lines of the jewellery form moon ellipses, following the curves of the body. With minimalist and delicate designs, some of the collection’s creations have welcomed ethical diamonds at the top of their ellipse. These precious jewels are handmade in workshops in Antwerp, Belgium.

The moon inspired the designer who imagined delicates and minimalists designs. According to the different pieces of the collection, some are subtly set with diamonds and others are intentionally not, leaving the warm and pure gold color as a reminder of the moon.

The jewellery follows the curves of the body thanks to the fine lines of 18K 100% recycled Gold. The designer sources most of her diamonds from recycled diamonds that have been recut to give them a new shine.

The Moon Ellipse Solitaire ring reveals the beauty of the unique diamond stone high on a Moon Ellipse. Modern and ultra-desirable this ring will make women reluctant to solitaire rings change their mind! As for the new Eclipse Moon ring, it can be used as a promise ring and fits perfectly well with the already existing Full Moon diamond ring.

The Moon Ellipse necklace, bracelet and earcuffs complete the collection.

Far from formal jewellery, the designer continues her research work where the body and the jewel are one, creating a delicate, pure and powerful universe.

Nayestones was founded by Natalie Schayes. As working with stones is at the heart of her creations, the brand name Nayestones is a combination of her first and last names and the word stones.

As a designer, Natalie develops the collections and defines the brand image. Her work is strongly influenced by minimalism and she uses clean lines and curves in her jewellery.

Natalie has an understanding of the body and its movements. She designs original and balanced jewels that embrace the curves of the body. The creations are aimed at all women, from those who advocate boldness to those who prefer sensuality.

Her ambition is to create original, timeless and refined jewellery from gold and precious stones. The ethical dimension, respect for people and the environment is an important consideration in the design of her jewellery.

Nayestones jewellery is made in Antwerp by hand but also using the latest 3D printing technology by a team of goldsmiths and craftsmen with whom the designer works closely.

The gold used to make the jewellery comes from recycled gold and the diamonds largely from old jewellery where the diamonds have been removed and re-cut using today’s techniques to obtain a beautiful sparkle from the stones.

Natalie Schayes choses Antwerp to benefit from the undisputed quality of its multiple craftspeople as well as the proximity that promotes local work. Its workshop meets quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, security, transparency and service.

Each piece is made on demand for the customer, hence the possibility to customize the stone, the color of the gold but also to respond to any specific request regarding the shape of the jewel.


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