When thinking of ways to celebrate love, there comes 2021 full of fashion, new trends and MAAJIC, the opportunity to diversify your common gifts and explore the new. This year comes with a pocketful of wonderful surprises perfect to spoil your loved ones and why not yourself! Because Self-love rocks!

Get creative and diversify your common gifts. Here are our TOP picks for the perfect Valentine gift!

1. The colors of Love: Shades of red & pink

Versatile shades that look simultaneously sporty and trend-forward. Perfect for the season of love. We’re totally in love with red & pink, and certainly you’ll partner will love it too. Cute lounge set will get her heart.


2. Circular is Sustainable

The World started to gain even more consciousness of consumption. Brands are now more conscious of their environmental impact and offering new alternatives to support the circular economy. Give that special someone, a piece that was made thinking on our Planet. Give them your favorite Earth Warriors Basic.

3. Homebodies movement

In the now changed world, we are learning how to take care of ourselves at home and create new skin routines, spa days and relaxing treatments in the comfiness of sweats. Surely your partner loves a night in, in STYLE!


4. Cultivate connection & create balance

2021 is the year to connect to nature and live a balanced life. The perfect opportunity to meditate, practice yoga and workout That means you girl will love new activewear gear.

5. Stay in & cook at home

Home is the place to be, plan her a romantic dinner at home, cook her favorite meal, prepare some good old drinks, turn on the music, get her the perfect romantic dress and light up the candles… this night will be dreamy!

6. Every body is a bikini body

This year The World is empowering and working for social justice, inclusion, and human rights. Every woman and every body is BEAUTIFUL. Show your girl some love and tell her to rock that bikini body!


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