Have you ever looked at a completely full closet and thought, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Well, you’re not alone.

Too often we don’t take the time to step back and evaluate our wardrobes as a true reflection of our self. Learn to prioritize your body armor with these 9 great style tips for women. Let your wardrobe scream cute, comfy, and confident as you conquer your apparel ambitions.

1. When Did You Last Wear That?

Take a hard look at your wardrobe. Be honest with yourself. If you cannot remember the last time you wore something, let it go!


It is no longer serving you and your appearance aspirations. It is simply taking up space in a closet that needs room to grow with you.

2. Wear Clothes That Fit

Yes, if you suck in enough, you do look really good in that dress. But why should you have to? It gets even more uncomfortable the second you eat or drink anything. Don’t keep squeezing into clothes that no longer serve your body type.

If you are comfortable, you will be more confident. This advice triples when it comes to footwear!

3. Shop Your Shape


Check out style guides curated by fashion experts to help you shop your shape. Women are faced with so many different styles, patterns, and silhouettes. Do some research and help you cut confusion and shopping time in half.

4. Get Inspired

Dig into research and really figure out what it is that you want out of your wardrobe. Study different Lookbooks and find the patterns and styles that you really want to be stylish.

Having a solid plan before you shop will help you get the most out of your experience.

5. Build Your Basics

Throw out those old panties and that bra that makes your back fat look like your neighbors’ pug puppy. Re-evaluate the basics in your life and upgrade.

Basics include, but are not limited to;

• LBD (Little Black Dress!)
• Basic solid color t-shirts
• Camisoles and tank tops
• Black blazer
• Dress jeans and jeggings


Build your wardrobe and invest in these basics and you’ll always find something comfortable and stylish to wear for almost any occasion.

6. Combine Comfort and Fashion

It is possible! You may need to re-define some of your ideas or beliefs about how to be fashionable. But now is a great time to look at the why, how, and what of fashion tips and choices you believe in.

Beauty is NOT pain. Bury that man-made adage and know that you look better when you feel better. It is time to dump the restrictive and blister causing attire!

7. Invest in Outerwear

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You cannot fake a good jacket. You can play around with cheaper separates and layers to your heart’s content. However, if you are combining fashion with a true need to stay warm from the elements, do not skimp!

Be practical. No one looks cute with a cold.

8. Dress Up

The timeless and wise Audrey Hepburn believed in overdressing and lipstick. When in doubt, go big or go home!

Don’t be the only person in sweats and a hoodie.

9. Have Fun With It!

Wallace Cotton

Remember when you were little and were so excited to get dressed and play dress-up? Being an adult means having to get dressed every day which can be monotonous and boring. Don’t forget to add a few adorable boutique dresses and let your inner goddess shine.

Don’t forget this is your personality you want to project. Have fun with it!

Awesome Style Tips for Women

These style tips for women serve as a foundation for your inspiration to re-connect with your inner fashionista, your stylish desires, and how to show the world who you really are.

You are enough. You are strong, capable, and amazing. Go show the world exactly why and get your retail therapy on!


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