All of us have hobbies: activities we love doing day in day out as part of our daily routine. Different people have different hobbies for example some of us love swimming, going to the gym & walking on a daily basis while others may be fond of playing console games or just chilling at home watching their favourite drama series. Well, the basic reason why we all develop hobbies is because of the joy and relaxation that we derive out of those particular activities.

Have you ever imagined performing your favourite hobby and still not being comfortable? We are sure all of us have experience this dilemma at some point in our lives. Imagine watching your favourite TV show but with a slow internet or perhaps deciding to cook your favourite dish only to find out that the main ingredients are missing. Sounds really really frustrating, right? Well, same was the case with Ikram; who like many of us loved swimming as part of her daily routine but there was always this uncomfortableness that she had with her swim attire that made her feel frustrated whenever she hit the pool.

This led her to discover Lyra; a modern swimwear brand that is a mixture of fashion, style along with modesty and fitness. A complete all round swimwear brand that has a diverse mix of swim suits that has made the experience of swimming so much better for most women out there.


Lyra is a wonderful example of entrepreneurial spirt where her founder Ikram has turned her problems into a wonderful growing business venture. The brand inculcates in its ideology the very fact that all women are different and have different requirements in body fittings, fashion, style and more importantly comfort. Lyra uses the finest Italian fabrics which makes its swim suites stand above the rest in the industry. The swim suits are a true reflection of fashion magnificently carved into cultural settings which makes them so aesthetically appealing that one would carve to swim while wearing them.


Lyra’s range of products are not only limited to swim suits only, they rather have a universe of products that compliment your swim attire which include swim accessories, pool side and beach wear etc.

Their Kaftans are work of pure magic which add to the beauty of your attire. The Kaftan collection has been a huge hit among the customers with its royal and elegant look. Kaftans are normally a traditional dress that are historically thought to be worn by desert women. The Lyra team has blended history with fashion so creatively that these Kaftan’s make you stand out from the crowd.


Adding to their remarkable list of products are its swim accessories which make swimming a much pleasant experience for you. These include its famous swim turbans, an alternative to the traditional swim cap, these turbans give protection to your hair and make you look absolutely divine in your swim attire. These turbans come in a variety of colours such as grey, brown, magenta among others. They also have Tie waist sarong skirts in various colours and designs. Theses skirts have been particularly used by Muslim women as it gives them the desired covering and comfort they need while swimming.

Lyra swimwear is more than just simple swimming clothing & accessories. It is rather a lifestyle that adds to your leisure of swimming.


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