Achieve Your Goals and Start 2021 Moving Your Body! It’s a new year and it’s time to set or reevaluate our goals. Whether its working out, eating healthier or setting schedules to be more productive here are some tips to help achieve those goals.

Maaji is a swim and activewear lifestyle brand that exists to deliver MAAJIC. Known for its colorful avant-garde combinations, print mixing, and obsession for details. Most of the swimsuits are completely reversible– offering multiple looks in one.

Founded in 2002 by sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, Maaji is built on the principles of doing the right thing. This is achieved by practicing inclusion, transparency, embracing diversity, and taking care of the environment.

maajiToday, the company is present in more than 57 countries and works with different partners such as Nordstrom, Revolve, Galerias Lafayette, Corte Ingles, Amazon, Zappos, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, and Bloomingdales. Maaji is proud of its home, which is why its label is: Made in Colombia with love.

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1.Organize your week

Set a calendar of your daily activities and when to include working out sessions.You can start with 1 hour 3 days a week!

2.Choose your favorite activity

Not everyone loves the gym but there are tons of activities to raise your heart rate and keep That body moving! There’s yoga, dancing, Pilates, running, swimming, biking, aerobics, strength exercise. So many options and you can even do the most from home… pss. Check out YouTube to find your new bestie fitness partner.

3.The fit!

One of our favorite parts of exercising is wearing comfy but cute activewear that motivates us to look stunning and fresh during our routine.Here’s one of our favorite looks (TOP + LEGGING)

4. GET NEW GEAR, it always comics to find MOTIVATION

1st grab your fave shoes, water bottle and a cap for outdoor workout

  • Leggings, perfect for most activities!
  • Shorts, for a nice sunny day exercising outdoors
  • Sports bra, for support
  • Top, when we aren’t feeling showing too much
  • Comfy sweatshirt, to wear before actual warm up
  • Cute gym bag, perfect to carry toiletries and a towel

We wish that your 2021 will be amazing & full of great adventures and incredible experiences. In 2021 let’s continue to spread Maajic together!


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