Whether you’re having a hen do or a stag do, t shirt printing is a great way to stand out from the crowd and a fun way to acknowledge every member of the party. Hen parties are a fun way to celebrate the end of single life and the start of a marriage, often people head to Vegas and get t-shirt printing for the trip. A very popular way to celebrate a hen or stag party is travelling abroad and taking party in activities that you wouldn’t usually, this can be a variety of different activities but the main goal is to simply have fun.

Hen or Stag Party


Often it is a pre conceived perception that every hen and stag parties go and get matching tee shirt printing for their trip and head straight to the nearest strip club. Whilst this is a big trend, especially in America, in other parts of the world this is heavily frowned upon in a lot of other parts of society.

Having a stripper at a hen or stag do is something that the people arranging it should always check with the person’s fiancée before booking it as it can come across as very disrespectful to many people.


It is a popular choice for hen or stag parties to go abroad, often at the same time as one another but to different countries. Hen and stag parties often revolve around alcohol and drinking and where cheaper to drink than abroad? Cocktail making sessions are popular ways for hen and stag parties to have fun and enjoy the evening ahead of them.

Going abroad is a great choice for a celebration and before you go you can find somewhere that does matching tee shirt printing so you can start your party off with a bang. Often girls wear matching tee shirt with funny in joke nicknames on the back as both films and tv have made this a popular choice as movies tend to glamourize it.


Some people prefer a quieter hen party and like to do things such as afternoon tea and sandwiches as this can therefore involve older members of the family which might not be engaged or appreciate a louder more alcohol-based atmosphere. It is important to find an activity which is appropriate for and suits the audience of your party.

This is so important as you don’t want to leave anybody feeling left out and as though their needs and preferences haven’t been considered. Often people will have staggered hen or stag parties so that they can do something quiet and enjoyable to suit the older members of the group and will then have a louder and alcohol based second part which is aimed at the younger members of the group. That was there is something for everybody to be able to celebrate and it ensures that nobody is left feeling left out from the events that are happening.


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