In a move hailed by industry experts, iconic Swedish kids clothing brand Polarn O. Pyret’s category-leading in-house destination for PO.P Second Hand, is now available across the entire clothing collection. Raising the bar for re-commerce, Polarn O. Pyret, or PO.P, as it’s affectionately known by loyal fans, is the only known major fashion brand to embed re-commerce into its core business model by offering second hand ‘in house’ as a brand service.

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret Proudly Takes Ownership

Building PO.P Second Hand as a brand service offering means PO.P have created a go-to destination for buyers and sellers of PO.P pre-loved at a time when the norm is for brands to externalise their second hand offer to third party resellers.

With a long-standing vision that every piece of PO.P clothing is owned by at least three children, PO.P Second Hand is not only the ultimate proof point for a value proposition rooted in longevity , it’s also a clear commitment to guaranteeing the vision’s delivery.

Whilst many brands are recognising the commercial opportunity of second hand, models that simultaneously receive second hand back into the brand ecosystem, and sell directly back to customers remain a rarity.

Polarn O. Pyret

Perceived barriers around profitability of second hand, and challenges with delivering a positive customer experience can prevent brands from embracing in-house solutions. The second hand ‘trend’ has led to a rise in resellers such as Thrift Plus and ReSkinned who process a brand’s second hand inventory, handling refurbishment and re-commerce. Critics of third-party resale solutions say outsourcing second hand allows brands to continue ‘business as usual’, and doesn’t lead to fundamental change in the core business model at a time when the imperative to drastically cut environmental impacts of the fashion industry couldn’t be greater.

Buying and selling second hand from their own brand website not only exemplifies their commitment to second hand, but sets PO.P apart from both a business model and customer experience perspective.

Polarn O. Pyret

And the results so far speak for themselves. The ground-breaking service experienced unprecedented interest during a trial with outerwear last year. 95% of items sold out within just five days giving the brand confidence to extend the service across its entire range. Since a September ‘soft launch’ customers have been able to trade in any second hand PO.P item, no matter where it was purchased.

Category-leading Benefits For Buyers and Sellers

With second-hand shopping notoriously fraught with challenges and inconvenience, PO.P has systematically addressed the key barriers that prevent conscious customers from engaging in buying and selling second hand.

Customer insights from a recent brand survey revealed that nearly one third of PO.P customers already regularly shop pre-owned childrenswear through other channels, but less than a fifth regularly sell – with many stating there is too much hassle involved, from taking pictures (45%) to arranging postage (54%).

Taking full ownership of the inventory has meant PO.P has full control of the brand experience, and is able to tackle these barriers head on.

With no photos required, free shipping for sellers, free returns for buyers, Ozone cleaning and repair all taken care of, plus a transparent voucher system for traded-in items redeemable against ALL kids clothes, new or used, you can see why PO.P Second Hand is already flying off the virtual shelves. And now the brand will be able to leverage the service to bring new customers to the brand and drive loyalty.

Polarn O. Pyret

PO.P UK MD Mats Nilsson said,

PO.P already leads the way with a sustainability mindset baked into how we do business. We really care about the clothes we produce and Second hand is the obvious next step for us. But it’s also really important that we take full ownership of the experience for customers. The only way we can do that and truly build brand value through second hand is to take full ownership of our products’.

He continued, ‘It’s what customers want, and it’s what the planet needs. But there’s being seen to be doing second hand and there’s really DOING second hand. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and are investing in building a profitable resale model that helps us manage our impact as we grow the PO.P brand here in the UK’.

Praising the significant development, Gerrard Fisher, Founder of QSA, a leading light in circular business modelling in the fashion industry with clients such as Depop, ReLondon and FarFetch said;

This is real category leadership by Polarn O. Pyret. Giving equal value to second hand product by integrating it into the core brand ecommerce platform is a game-changer for customers. It’s not only a great way for a brand built on longevity to make the most value from what they produce, selling used clothing is also an essential part of an authentic sustainability programme. Second hand items have a substantially lower carbon footprint than new’.

Benefits for Preloved Sellers:

  • FULL CONTROL: Trade in technology puts the customer in the driving seat to manage their own trade in via the PO.P brand website.
  • ZERO HAGGLE: All POP items are accepted, with a transparent rules based, tiered trade-in voucher system that ensures the customer knows exactly what they’ll get for every product.
  • ZERO HASSLE: No ‘valuations’. No requirement to take photos.
  • INCLUSIVE: Trade in with PO.P is purchase origin agnostic so it doesn’t matter where the customer made their original purchase, or whether they have a buying history with the brand.
  • ZERO COST: Free shipping integrated into the trade in process
  • EQUAL BENEFITS: The PO.P Second Hand collection is subject to the same benefits and conditions as new. Sellers can redeem their trade in vouchers against new OR PO.P Second Hand.

Benefits for Preloved Buyers:

  • PREMIUM PO.P WITH A PRE-LOVED PRICE TAG. POP Preloved shoppers can look forward to making a saving of 60% compared to buying the item new.
  • ‘PO.P CERTIFIED’. PO.P Second Hand shoppers benefit from pre-loved items being ‘quality assured’ by PO.P
    • Every returned item will be cleaned and disinfected using the genius OZONE chamber removing up to 99% of bacteria.
    • The OZONE chamber also destroys odour meaning every second-hand item smells as good as new.
    • ONE-STOP- PO.P: Customers can shop PO.P Second Hand alongside new in the Polarn O. Pyret main brand website, a one-stop-shop for new AND pre-loved.
    • All items are checked for repair and poppers and zips replaced where necessary to ensure all items are fully functional.
  • FREE RETURNS: shoppers enjoy the same benefits as new with all POP Second Hand purchases, still be eligible for free returns if the item isn’t suitable or doesn’t fit as expected.
  • PO.P, WITHOUT THE IMPACT: 90% of emission in fashion come from the production and transportation of new clothes.. Buying second hand significantly reduces the impact from a person’s purchase.


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