Direct-to-consumer line Knüg launched in July 2020 with the sole purpose of creating a luxurious premium quality cashmere wraps and accessories, at a reasonable price.

Cashmere, with its luxurious warmth and cloud-like touch, was once reserved for only the wealthiest of shoppers. By cutting out any middlemen and sourcing directly, Knüg selects only the best and finest Mongolian Cashmere produced to rigorous environmental and quality standards – at a fraction of the regular costs.

Knüg’s Cashmere is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and certified by the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a non-profit organisation working towards preserving Mongolian grasslands, animal welfare and secure livelihoods for the herders and their families. Knüg only uses the best quality, traceable Cashmere where the goat is combed for its precious fibre. Shearing damages both the goat and the Cashmere, and although these practices occur, with cheaper suppliers, it does not happen with Knüg’s Cashmere.

Knüg uses non-toxic dyes and avoids bleaching, so its Cashmere remains free of harmful chemicals and is certified according to Standard 100 OEKO-TEX®.

Knüg Cashmere is kind to the planet and will stand the test of time. It can also be recycled.

Start-up Knüg weaves Sustainability into its Premium range of Cashmere

Some of Knüg’s most popular styles.


Like wearing a cloud

This incredibly fine and soft cashmere scarf is like gossamer. It is hand-felted and hand-woven, using traditional Nepalese techniques on a wooden-frame loom. Rare and exquisite, it’s one of the softest and lightest scarves you’ll ever see. And it will keep you cosy in the way only Cashmere can. This scarf will be your go-to scarf for outdoors and your favourite at home.

Wear warmth with the lightest of touches. Made with the highest-grade 2- ply 100% sustainable cashmere.


Snuggle in Style

Our 100% pure cashmere travel wrap is a wardrobe essential for any season. You can style it as a relaxed afternoon cover-up or a more formal evening shawl, plus it’s ideal for travelling or just keeping warm around the house. Wear your wrap as a poncho or unbutton it to refresh the look into an elegant wrap, shrug, snood, scarf or shawl. Effortlessly stylish and flattering, and available in a wide range of colours, it’ll add a touch of elegance to any outfit. It is the perfect cover-up wherever you are. Lighter than a coat, and dare we say it, more stylish, it not only feels and looks great, it is hugely flattering whatever your shape and size. Slip it on over jeans for casual elegance or layer over a collared shirt for a smart-casual look. Comfortable to wear, hugely versatile and for all occasions, you’ll wonder how you have ever survived without one before.

Enjoy the no-fuss way to stay cosy.

Made with the highest-grade, sustainable 2- ply 100% cashmere

Lovingly designed, this flattering piece will become an indulgent necessity. Our wrap is longer than most on the market (160x79cm) which allows for a beautifully elegant drape.


Style with a Clear Conscience.

Stay warm and snug in this luxurious scarf crafted from the finest cashmere fibres. It is like a warm cashmere hug. It is made from the purest quality, sustainably sourced, 2-ply Cashmere.

The benefits of Knüg Cashmere

Super-soft luxury

Cashmere is incredibly soft and lightweight – an undisputed winner when it comes to comfort, class, and style.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Knüg’s sustainable Cashmere is from organic and non-allergenic natural goat fibres. Cashmere doesn’t contain any lanolin that could cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin. Knüg only uses non-toxic dyes and avoids bleaching, so the Cashmere remains free of harmful chemicals. Its super-soft fibres do not rub on sensitive skin either.

Wear it all year round

Cashmere keeps you four times warmer than regular wool. As it is breathable, it’s perfect in warmer climates too. Cashmere is ideal for explorers and travellers, and it adjusts according to the weather conditions by absorbing and releasing water vapours according to the humidity in the air.

Timeless, long-lasting style

Perfect for both men and women, Knüg Cashmere is a continuous investment in super-soft style. Cashmere stands the test of time and fashion trends. Its heirloom quality is incomparable with other fabrics, as it gets even softer with age – even over generations – as long as you take good care of it. The quality of the Cashmere gets enhanced with the strands getting fuller and softer with every wash.


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