In 1965, Mary Quant bravely cut short skirts to help women’s ban, and mini skirts gradually swept the world from England. In those days, knee-length skirts were mini-skirts, but Mary was brave enough to challenge the length of women’s skirts, making the mini even more mini.

She further raised the hem of her dress to four inches on her knees, announcing the advent of the new mini-skirt era, revealing her thighs, bright colors and stylish and bold skirts first appearing on the streets of London, promoting the arrival of the swinging 1960s. The style was known as “London styling”, and by the mid-1960s, “London styling” became an international fashion style.

The sexy design of the 2022 show is popular, with the retro return of the 1990s trend, making the very representative mini skirt a key look. Dig cut, super short and other details applied to the skirt, to meet the sexy trend trend; can extend the different characteristics of the material to create punk, elegant, sexy and other diverse style dress up. Wear method is also diverse enough, pleated plaid skirt with a tight top, with the same color of the sling can also increase the overall look sense of unity.

charm vintage

During Fashion Week 2022, miniskirts reappeared frequently at the shows of major brands. Obviously, the return of the miniskirt has made enough heat this year.

2022 MiuMiu with fantasy girl feelings, low waist mini skirt show charming waist line, into the tennis style generous show girls’ beautiful figure. The vitality and freedom throughout the whole series will continue the retro trend and sports.

Hardware LDN combines the cool, sweet and spicy style this season, with an extremely slim cut, mini skirts and tight tops showing off the models, and the leather blended in in it adds a cool feel. The whole series is just sexy and with a touch of sweetness.

The charm of Vintage is that it shows us the temperament of beauty and interprets the essence of fashion. Not the new is the fashion, the beauty is.


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