Tilley have taken years of experience, testing and learning from each and every hat they’ve ever made to bring you something never seen before!

Today, Tilley have launched two brand-new hats, the TAF101 ALGONQUIN and the TAF102 PACIFICA!

Both the TAF101 ALGONQUIN and the TAF102 PACIFICA are made from a breathable nylon material which makes them perfect for those looking for a hat to take on any activity. Weighing barely 85 grams, its super lightweight yet still provides the maximum sun protection possible with its UPF 50+ certified fabric.

Women's Travel Hats & Clothing Tilley

But that’s not all, these hats are made from resilient nylon and spandex fabric, meaning they can be easily packed without losing its shape and form. The hats also have a water-repellent finish that keeps the rain off, and it can even use its buoyancy to stay afloat on water!

Tilley’s TAF102 PACIFICA hat has similar qualities to the TAF101 ALGONIQUIN, however it comes with an extra broad front brim, allowing the Pacifica to offer a more feminine styling and helps to keep the sun at bay.

Make sure you hurry and head over to Tilley on Amazon NOW to check them out! Before they sell out!


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