If you are short and would love to wear long formal dresses, then do not worry because there are several options available online. Every formal dress will give you an elegant look if chosen properly with care. Days before most of the people prefer wearing maxi dresses to visit beaches and nowadays, most women love to wear these dresses on evening parties and for formal meetings. It is essential that you choose a good and professional designer who will help you to choose the best long formal dresses according to your body type. Silhouette plays an important in any dress for a person with a short frame, and it is always essential that you frame your dress before creating a sleek silhouette that complements your figure. Here is a list of obsequious silhouettes in long formal dresses for petite girls:

Long Formal Dresses For Petite Girls


It is considered to be the most feminine type of long formal dress that flatters anybody. It works perfectly for petite women. These dresses will cling around your waist and flares at the end of the skirt and form a fishtail. The flare task provides a moderate volume for petite girls.

Sheath Type

This type of long formal dress is designed in a way that all the seams in the gown run vertically, from the shoulders to the waist. These types of dresses are much suitable for girls who love minimum and elegant design. Chiffon is the common material that used for such dresses because it helps in emphasizing your figure and will also make you feel comfortable.

Fit and Flare Gowns

These gowns are just like that of the mermaid gowns and have A-line that emphasis your waistline and such dresses will make you look gorgeous and cute. These gowns are selected by brides who have a short frame and also curvy or hour glass brides who would love to emphasize their curves. So you can wear such long formal dresses on your wedding and you can carry some accessories with your dress to brighten your look.

A-Line Gowns

A-line gowns are nothing but long formal dresses that are fit in the bust area and flows down with flares towards the bottom. You can halter the neck based on your body shape. It can differ from sweetheart to boat neck. These A-line dresses come in a variety of styles and colors. Chiffon is the material that is mostly used for A-line dresses.

Choose A Proper Neckline

It is essential that you always choose a proper neckline that will go well with your dress. Sweetheart and V neck is always the best choice for petite women. Never underestimate your neckline area and always choose designer dresses according to your body shape. This can totally change the complete look of your face. These necklines will give broadness around your shoulder and helps to make your face more slender.

Pick Your Jewelry Carefully

Since petite women have shortened necks, it is essential that you wear jewelry that draws attention to your face. Every single accessory used from hair bands to necklaces everything must be flattering to your face and must also go well with your long formal dress. A necklace with a long and big pendant is a great choice. This will make your neck appear longer and also make you look tall.

Now as you have now got an idea on how to choose the best long formal dress, it is essential that you choose your accessories carefully so that it adds a great statement to get a complete look.


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