Walking in Style: The Timeless Collaboration of Keds Champion Sneakers with Christy Turlington Burns and Grace Burns

In the realm of iconic footwear, few styles can claim the enduring appeal and timeless charm of the Keds Champion sneaker. For over a century, this beloved silhouette has graced the feet of tastemakers and trendsetters, cementing its status as a symbol of classic American style.

Now, in an exciting collaboration with global maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns, alongside her talented daughter, NYU student, writer, and model Grace Burns, Keds celebrates the legacy of the Champion sneaker with a fresh perspective and renewed vitality.

At the heart of the Keds Champion sneaker lies a rich history of innovation and authenticity. Since its inception, this iconic silhouette has captivated audiences with its timeless design and unparalleled comfort.

From its humble beginnings as the first mass-marketed canvas-top “sneaker” in 1916 to its status as a cultural icon beloved by generations, the Champion sneaker has remained a steadfast companion for those who value both style and substance.

Now, in collaboration with Christy Turlington Burns and Grace Burns, Keds brings a new dimension to the Champion sneaker, infusing it with the spirit of empowerment, advocacy, and familial bond.

KedsAs a global maternal health advocate, Christy Turlington Burns brings her passion for women’s health and well-being to the forefront of this collaboration, using her platform to raise awareness and support for maternal health initiatives around the world.

Her daughter, Grace Burns, adds a fresh perspective to the mix, bringing her unique blend of creativity, intellect, and style to the design process.

Together, Christy and Grace Burns lend their voices and vision to the Keds Champion sneaker, creating a collection that speaks to the modern woman and her desire for both fashion and function.

From classic canvas iterations to bold new colorways and patterns, the collaboration showcases the versatility and timelessness of the Champion sneaker, offering something for every style sensibility.


But beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Keds Champion sneaker collaboration with Christy Turlington Burns and Grace Burns is also a testament to the power of female empowerment and intergenerational connection.

As a mother-daughter duo who share a passion for fashion, advocacy, and philanthropy, Christy and Grace Burns exemplify the values of strength, resilience, and solidarity that lie at the heart of the Keds brand.


With this collaboration, Keds reaffirms its commitment to celebrating the diverse voices and experiences of women everywhere, while also honoring the legacy of its iconic Champion sneaker.

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene shores of California, the Keds Champion sneaker remains a symbol of individuality, authenticity, and timeless style for women around the world.


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