Weather Proof Accessories For Daily Life And Everyday Adventures

Winter Coats

Stutterheim is offering Weather Proof Accessories for daily life and everyday adventures. The weather can change in an instant at times so it’s vital that you have the necessary accessories and clothing like waterproof jackets and good quality footwear to provide the warmth and support you need, along with plenty of accessories and essentials.

Visby Reversible Umbrella Black

Visby Reversible Umbrella BlackThe unusual reverse folding design of our Visby umbrella allows it to stand by itself whilst drying, ensuring the wet face of the fabric doesn’t come into contact with other surfaces. Price $70.00

Borgholm Folding Umbrella Black

Borgholm Folding Umbrella BlackThis lightweight travel-friendly option weighs only 440 g and the fully automatic mechanism allows it to fold down to a super-compact 35 cm. That’s only 5cm longer than a 30 cm cucumber. Price $80.00

Beckholmen Waterproof Bucket Hat Pale Pink

Beckholmen Waterproof Bucket Hat Pale PinkThe Beckholmen bucket hat is our all-weather hat. Hand-sewn in rubberized cotton and lined in our exclusive cotton lining, this hat is made for a walk in the light rain in the hectic city or empty country-side. Price $50.00

Norsjö Water Repellent Backpack Black

Norsjö Water Repellent Backpack BlackNorsjö is a rolltop backpack made in water repellent nylon with contrasting rubberized details. It closes with an aqua zip in contrasting red, and a buckle with adjustable band. Price $205.00

Ropsten Tote Bag Green

Ropsten Tote Bag GreenThe Ropsten tote bag is made from the same durable rubberized cotton as our classic raincoats. Price $55.00


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