In 2018, Clover Inventor and Functional Designer Bianca Rodriguez searched for a wearable towel solution for her fashion-forward daughter when she discovered a gap in the market.

While hooded towels, traditional robes and swim ponchos were effective in Winter and suitable for the beach, they did not offer the flexibility to get changed easily and be worn everywhere without looking out of place.


“One of the most significant barriers to getting changed quickly in traditional robe designs is blocked off key body areas, like the upper torso, making a quick change fairly difficult,” Mrs Rodriguez said.

“Not every situation needs a full-on changing robe. People don’t always need heavy, entirely blocked out garments for warmth; not every change is at a beach or poolside”.

The Clover, while created to be absorbent, focuses on providing privacy, without being prudish, to allow a faster change, with greater flexibility at the top. Hence, bras, bikinis and even dresses go on without dropping the towel.

Bottom changes are fast, with the bonus of spreadable ‘leaves’ at the back to allow more space if needed without showing off the front of the body.

“The number of uses I have found for Clover is unbelievable; I have surprised myself!” Mrs Rodriguez said of her patent-pending invention.

“It serves the gym junkies, busy mums, school children, pre-teens, post-op, maternity and the elderly”.


“Access and portability are key features of my garment, and it does provide the kind of freedom to go about your business without hesitation. That’s what I wanted. To create something that would make life easier for everyday life”.

Clover is made within Melbourne, Australia, from fabric knitting to dying and make and available in a Kids and Adults range online at

‘Our Kids version have two pockets up the front so that caregivers can see that they have all their bits like goggles, hair ties or whatever they are carrying when they are ready to go”.

“Our adult’s version has two invisible pockets at the side, perfect for car keys, mobile phones – whatever you can carry”, said Mrs Rodriguez.

In the future, Mrs Rodriguez hopes that her brand and product become a staple in Australian Culture, with other designs in the works for more functional apparel solutions.


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