Stepping in college days after a long 14 years of school, wearing the same uniform every single day is something that every college going girl is most excited about. Yes, college indeed brings in study load, but the feeling of flaunting your style statement by wearing a dress of your own choice is something that actually brings in the excitement. Though there are numerous designs and dresses that girls can wear to college, t shirts remain their top favourite.

Here are a few reasons why every college going girl has a couple of t-shirts in her wardrobe



When you talk about choices, there are simply endless variants that you can browse through while picking on t shirts for girls. May it be picking on a t shirt while online shopping or shopping at a thrift store or any shoppers stop in the local market, the option for t shirt variants has no end.

You can almost come across hundreds of t shirts and yet find no end to the various designs and graphics available in the case of t shirts.

They can be customised

Another best thing about t shirts is that they can easily be customized as per the choice of the person who wishes to don a pair of t shirt. May it be printing your own face, your favourite graphics, or your favourite actor, you can get your new t shirt customized as per your desire from Branded Originals.

What could be better than stepping out of your home with a graphic that you always wanted to stay close to you? T shirts can be printed in almost anything you want and thus gives you the freedom of getting your clothes designed as per your wish.

They are super comfy

Nothing can match the comfort of wearing a t shirt. These comfy pieces of clothing are everything a girl that may wish for to walk down to her college in style. Especially during summer seasons, when you feel like wearing something loose, airy, and stylish at the same time, what could be better than a t shirt that defines your style statement?


It does not require much maintenance

Unlike other dresses that require high maintenance in the wardrobe, t shirt for girls are one such thing that can let them go carefree. May it be simply stashing it inside your cupboard, folding it, or simply hanging it on a hangar, a t shirt does not require too much of maintenance.

Also, you can simply pull out a t shirt from your cupboard and wear it instantly until and unless it is crumpled enough to demand an ironing session.

Thus, for all the lazy girls who do not wish to spare considerable time for maintaining their attires, t shirts are a saviour that can save you from being particular about storing your attires.

Fit for every occasion

Many people believe that t shirts are something that can be worn only worn for casual outings.

If you are also someone with the same mind set, then you should actually go and check the online stores now. Ranging from casuals to party wear, you get to browse through a variety of t shirts that can be carried for almost every occasion.

So t shirts are not just restricted for your girl hang-out sessions but also for a couple of other events where you can simply land down wearing a t shirt of your choice.


They can be worn differently

When you talk about styling up a t shirt, you have the upper hand. Whilst some girls prefer to leave their t shirts loose over their jeans, some prefer to tuck the t shirt inside their pants. Though tucking the t shirt in or out is a matter of choice, both styles have their own elegance.

On the contrary, you may also find a few fashionista girls tying a knot on one side of the t shirt and moving it up to their desired length. So again, you get to have a few styling techniques with a t shirt by changing the pattern on how you wear the same.


We hope you have found out enough good reasons to upgrade your wardrobe with some t shirt collections.

After all, who will not want to have pieces of clothing that can define their unique style? So what are you waiting for? Get a few pairs of t shirts now and see how you can infuse new life into your wardrobe while you walk out wearing a super comfy t shirt to college.


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