Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.

~ Robert Browning

It might not be easy for many of us to make plans to visit our families this Mother’s Day. Finding the right gift to send her directly is perhaps now more important than ever. Although there’s no way we can ever fully thank our mothers for everything they do for us, Mother’s Day is always the best time to surprise her with something extra special. So if you’d like to wrap your mother in love or even treat yourself, take a peek at Knüg luxurious cashmere – we promise you will be delighted.

Cashmere Wrap Poncho in Pistatchio

In honor of mothers everywhere, Knüg is offering £40.00 off our 100% pure Cashmere Button Wrap Poncho. The wraps are the perfect gift for the special lady in your life. Luxurious and super-soft, our best-selling 100% cashmere button wrap is versatile for day and night – and an ideal cover-up for cooler Spring/Summer nights.

The wraps are like a warm cashmere hug – made from the purest quality, sustainably sourced, 2-ply cashmere. Effortlessly stylish and flattering, and available in a wide range of colours, it will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. It’s a timeless wardrobe essential for any season. You can style it as a relaxed afternoon cover-up or a more formal evening shawl, plus it’s ideal for travel. Lovingly designed, this flattering piece will become an indulgent necessity.

Knüg offer a choice of over 28 gorgeous colours from vibrant tones to delicate pastels and soft nudes.

Wrapped in tissue and presented in a beautiful box with £40.00 off the 100% pure cashmere Button Wrap Poncho. Just enter code MUM into the checkout. Offer valid until 14th March.

Knüg‘s 100% sustainable cashmere is produced to rigorous environmental and quality standards.  We produce a high-quality cashmere that’s designed to last. By only using long fibres for our cashmere, it results in more durable, longer-lasting cashmere with minimal pilling.


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