Reports have shown that 9% of Omicron cases have experienced skin inflammation or rashes since becoming infected with the variant. Researchers from Kings College London and Health Science Company Zoe have compiled a study to collate images and information of those who have experienced a skin rash as a subsequent symptom of COVID-19. 17% of those who responded, confirmed that a rash was the first symptom of the virus, whilst others reported that it was the only symptom they experienced. The study is available online as a pre-print and has been submitted to a scientific journal for peer review.

The team at Kings College London have identified 3 specific types of rashes including, hives, prickly heat and chilblains. Founder of nutritional supplement brand Rejuvenated – Kathryn Danzey – experienced the symptom herself and decided to investigate further;

“After undertaking research with our beauty and aesthetic clinics, I soon learnt that some of their clients were also suffering from hypersensitive skin after becoming infected. We’ve identified it as ‘Covid Skin’ within our consultations to differentiate the condition from any conventional skin irritation.”

Kathryn Danzey has over 40 years’ experience within the health and wellbeing industry. She studied nutrition at an early age and then went on to launch the nutritional supplement brand Rejuvenated in 2003. Kathryn is a Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Practitioners have noted skin problems including the appearance of a general rash, rosacea, and sensitised skin. In fact, insurers have advised practitioners that they should wait a specific period of time after COVID-19 or a vaccination, to treat a client, thus allowing the symptoms to subside.Sarah Wilkinson, owner of Equilibrium Skin in Silsden commented;

“We have noticed a strong correlation between clients having COVID-19 and developing severe skin conditions such as severe itching/irritation, burning and even flaking of the skin. Clients that otherwise have had no serious issues with skin previously are presenting with quite concerning issues that require a lot of nurturing and ‘hand holding’ to turn around.”


Health and wellbeing expert, Kathryn Danzey reveals her top tips to calm ‘Covid Skin’:

Soothe symptoms topically:

We recommend using gentle skin care products including mild cleansers, hydrating serums and moisturisers. Avoid harsh scrubs and chemical products until the skin has returned to normal.

Alleviate symptoms from within:

Eat foods rich in natural oils. Omega-3 fatty acids and oils are nature’s natural moisturisers and they will help to nourish your skin from the inside out. Try incorporating more oily fish, salmon, nuts, seeds and beans and avocados into your diet.

Inflammation of the skin is often associated with gut health and at a time of illness this may become out of balance. Add foods with pre and probiotics. You can find probiotics in yogurt, kefir, kimchi and kombucha. Prebiotics support the formation of probiotics. Stock up on bananas, asparagus and garlic to ensure that you have a good supply to hand.

Red onions, citrus, berries and green vegetables contain quercetin, a potent antioxidant which helps to calm the skin as it inhibits the release of histamines.

Keep hydrated by drinking water:

Avoid certain foods and drinks i.e. alcohol and spices. These can cause flushing and heat in the skin.

Try adding supplements to your daily routine to alleviate irritation. Taking a collagen supplement will help to reduce inflammation. Rejuvenated’s Collagen Shots is a high potency collagen drink which will help to soothe and repair skin. The brand’s vegan collagen booster, Skin Perfecting Complex has been specifically formulated to destress agitated skin and calm from within.

Rejuvenated is a pioneering market leader within the beauty and health industry. Their cutting-edge formulas contain a unique blend of natural and active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy from the inside out. Each supplement is formulated with 100% traceable and ethically sourced ingredients. Rejuvenated’s multi award-winning products can promote a radiant glow whilst also helping a whole host of health conditions including eczema, psoriasis, gut health, hair loss, tiredness, joint health and menopausal symptoms.


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