Indoor greenery can quickly transform the look and feel of any room in your home and as our appetite for houseplants continues to grow, so does the on-trend range at the UK’s leading garden centre retailer, Dobbies.

With Autumn on the horizon, waving goodbye to summer doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying gorgeous greenery – by inviting a touch of the outdoors in.

Making a real style statement, the stand-out Hydroponics range is here to change how we think about houseplants. The emerging trend for growing plants in water is ideal for homes in every shape and size due to the compact nature of planters. They are a low maintenance and contemporary addition which, thanks to LED lighting, will instantly brighten up a desk or any dark corner.

Large glass Hydroponic £24.99
Hydroponics collection from £8.99

In a range of shapes and sizes, there is a houseplant in the new collection to suit every home. If you are short on space, want to add some character to your home office desk, or create the ultimate #Shelfie, the cute-as-can-be Succulents in animal pots fit the style brief perfectly. Position in groups for maximum charm and impact. Offering sculptural impact with minimal effort, the Cacti Planter will help to complete a more industrial look.

Succulent in animal pot £4.99
Cacti Mixed Planter £54.99

Next up on the all new autumn trends list is Bromeliads, a striking plant with an exotic vibe which feature beautiful arched leaves and produce stunning long-lasting flowers. Set against a block colour backdrop to make this graphic plant really pop. Adding a sense of simplistic grandeur without the price tag, they are available in store from just £14.99.

Bromeliad Vriesea foliage £14.99, in Capi pot £8.99
Bromeliad Achemea blue rain £14.99, Vriesea foliage £14.99
Bromeliad plant £12.99, Capi groove pot £7.99
Bromeliad Vriesea foliage £12.99, in Capi pot £8.99

Grow your own miniature ‘garden in a glass’ for a unique addition to your home. Starting from £19.99, aTerrarium will make for a decorative centrepiece display on your dining table or an eye-catching welcome sitting atop a hallway side table. A closed terrarium makes for a humid atmosphere – suitable for Ferns, Moss and Baby’s Tears. Open terrariums are better suited to plants such as succulents and air plants, which can’t handle too much moisture.

Terrarium £79.99

Bold and beautiful, these lush and leafy plants will lift any unused corner and breathe new life into any space. One large floor plant, such as a Codiaeum or the ever popular Calathea, will create a foliage focal point in a smaller room or style a selection of larger plants for an indoor jungle vibe. Pair with neutral, concrete planters which take on a supporting role to allow indoor greenery to truly become the star of the show.

Codiaeum plant £89.99, Vriesea plant £12.99
Calathea Plant £69.99, Capi Pot £64.99
Philodendron plant £59.99, Capi pot £29.99
Ficus Ginseng in Glass £29.99

These miniature indoor Bonsai trees have a distinctive Japanese style and will bring a calming touch of nature into your home. Keep them looking their best by giving them a regular prune and keep them happy with frequent watering to avoid soil drying out. These evergreen plants are ideal for a minimalist style.

Plant expert and Dobbies Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, shares her top care tips for happy houseplants…


  • Replace the water every 2-4 weeks
  • If possible, use rainwater or bottled water
  • Spray feed the leaves for a nutrient boost
  • Most plants can be grown in water as long as the base leaf is kept above the water line – Clusia are great as are Monstera, Spathyphyllum and Calathea.


  • Easy to care for
  • Position in a bright spot away from direct sunlight
  • Water very sparingly when the compost feels dry
  • Misting with a spray is the easiest way to water them


  • Stunning long-lasting flowers and an exotic vibe
  • Water at the base of the flower spike
  • Make sure the roots don’t sit in water
  • After flowering, will produce new plants called pups


  • Position away from direct sunlight
  • Sealed terrariums are self-nourishing and easy care
  • To grow succulents and cacti, choose an open terrarium


  • Position in a medium or low light spot
  • Keep soil damp and mist leaves regularly
  • Trim brown leaves to encourage new ones


  • Position in a bright spot away from draughts
  • Water often, whenever soil starts to dry out
  • Prune regularly to maintain its shape

Q. What common mistakes do people make when it comes to house plants?

A. The most common problem that can go wrong is too much love – overwatering. It’s surprising that most of the on-trend plants at the moment thrive upon minimal care. Also, too much light and draughts can affect plants, so being placed directly on a windowsill where the window is often opened. They can quickly recover if you reposition them.

Q. What tips would you give for caring with them?

A. All houseplants require a little clean to keep them looking their best, simply wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. This is not just to keep them looking good – removing the dust ensures good health. Take off any foliage that is yellowing, and trim damaged leaves of larger plants with sharp scissors at the same time.

During the Autumn and winter months, houseplants will be kept looking their best if you give them a shower as you water as this will keep the leaves looking green and glossy. They are ideal to #KeepBritainGrowing. Keep an eye on light levels in the darker winter months – some plants may need a bit more.

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