Top 5 GPS Running Watches for Women

Top 5 GPS Running Watches for Women

Worried about your vital stats, start running. If fitness has just entered your mind or you are a sworn fitness freak; fitness trackers are a must have. It improves performance and streamlines activities. Running watches, as we like to call them, can accurately track distance, pace, calories burnt, and some even have advanced features of recording heart rate.

Top 5 GPS Running Watches for Women

Most watches are GPS enabled to track the run better. Ideal for runners, athletes, avid swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts; there are many GPS running watches available in the market vying for your attention. Let’s take a look at these women smartwatches which are at the top of our list in no particular order and are considered the Top 5 Fitbit for Women.

TomTom Spark

Around 500 songs or 3GB of music can be stored within this watch paired with Bluetooth wireless earpieces. Well, this is reason enough for us to include TomTom spark in this list.

Now let’s get serious. Very few women smartwatches till date have all the three features together – GPS (with accurate mileage tracking), heart rate sensor and music storage. And the ease with which these modes can be accessed is equally impressive.

TomTom Spark does the normal tracking of sleep or step and recording calories burnt but is more robust when tracking intense workouts. This GPS running watch sparkles while recording and presenting accurate data. Further, from within the watch, many training options can be accessed, which adds to the shine. In short, a very useful band to fit into your everyday life.

Garmin ForeRunner 735 XT

An eligible front-runner in the multi-sport watches world. It wears different sports buttons like cross-country skiing, paddle sports, strength training, and much more apart from the regular fitness and health tracking. Garmin ForeRunner 735XT can handle or track advanced metrics like race predictors, vertical ratio, ground contact time, balance, stride length, etc. It’s compatible with Vector cycling sensors and even the chest strap can be paired with it.

On the smart side of the world, it receives social media alerts, phone call, and message notifications plus email and calendar updates. This GPS watch has upped the heart rate of many athletes.

FitBit Surge

A 24/7 activity tracking watch with GPS built-in. It’s comfortable, light and modest in design capable of measuring specific activity with accuracy. Fitbit Surge is one-in-its-class sleep monitor and comes with a robust food database. Its PurePulse technology makes the heart rate monitor beat throughout the day measuring detailed bpm training and resting heart rate.

Available in black, tangerine and blue, Surge sports a monochrome touchscreen display. Ideal for those professionals into rigorous workouts.

Suunto Ambit 3

GPS on; battery still going strong. Yes! This is the kind of running watch most wait for. It has a high battery life of approximately 25 Hours with GPS activated.

Apart from recording swimming, running, cycling and hiking activities it can record heart rate underwater, provide navigation routes using GPS, syncs seamlessly with the mobile phone which can also be used as a display for the watch. Ambit 3 is available in Run, Sport, Peak and Vertical versions.

Polar M400

A fitness band and an activity tracker – there are very few fitness watches which can rival Polar M400. It’s a fully functional watch monitoring daily steps and sleep, heart rate activity, complex workout and sends inactivity alarms to the phone and wrist.

It can stay awake for 24 hours while using the fitness tracking mode, while the battery life is for 8 hours with the GPS mode on. This device is slim, light and up to 30m water resistant. Perfect fitness wearable for the price it commands.

These GPS running watches are easy to use and contain loads of deep-seated features and options, which once explored can expand the watch’s power.


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