, owned by Chill N Out Cryotherapy, Inc. (OTC PINK:CHNO) a Delaware Corporation, is inviting Yoga instructors to join the Classworx platform on Here, they can show off their yoga skills and share with others their yoga expertise. Many Yoga instructors are currently not working the same hours they were a year ago as a result of COVID-19 and shutdowns, with many not working at all. Classworx is launching its platform that will enable people from around the globe to support Yoga instructors that join Classworx and teach attendees their favorite yoga moves.

Classworx, Inc., a Colorado corporation that has been acquired by Chill N Out Cryotherapy Inc. is doing business as ClassWorx. Classworx is currently building out which will be a provider of an internet-based, global network-directory of Instructors utilizing video conferencing to remotely deliver individual or group instruction in a broad range of disciplines (“virtual classes”).

The website connects Instructors, both independent and those affiliated within organizations, with individual and group class participants utilizing proprietary technologies and methodologies to maximize the virtual class experiences and the efficiencies of the remote delivery modes of instruction.

The Company is based in the Atlanta, Georgia area spans a global outreach through the worldwide web.


Yoga instructors can register on Classworx today to become an instructor. From there, Yoga professionals can create their own personal profile that includes an about section, pictures, a video, and their schedule of classes. Classworx also provides instructors flexible options for how attendees will pay for classes. Attendees can choose between a one-time drop-in fee for each class attended, a block of classes purchased at once, or a monthly membership for access to all of an instructor’s classes over a period of time. This gives the instructors and attendees the ability to pick the plan that best fits their individual desires.

Raymond Firth, President, stated, “We built Classworx knowing that there is a large number of yoga instructors throughout the world that have so much to offer. These Yoga Instructors can join Classworx, post their schedule and share their Classworx page. Instructors gain visibility by sharing their class schedule on Classworx and through their social accounts. The Classworx team will also be promoting these same Yoga instructors and featuring them in posts throughout social media to attract more students to attend their online virtual yoga classes and workshops from Classworx. This is a great way for Yoga Instructors to earn a nice living.”

Classworx offers instructors two fee options when they join. Instructors have the option of paying a flat monthly fee. This gets Yoga instructors listed in Classworx directory and marketing support for classes from the Classworx marketing team. If an Instructor prefers not to pay the flat monthly fee, they have the option of paying as-you-go with a per attendee percentage fee. For instructors or professionals that are interested in using the Classworx platform for seminars, product launches, shareholder updates, and for any other kind of online gathering that will not charge a fee, they will be required to select the monthly rate option.

Classworx will be providing online marketing to reach attendees for Instructors. The online marketing will include social media content creation, video production and more that highlights upcoming classes, the instructors, and what they will be teaching. We encourage Yoga instructors to plan classes in advance and even let their attendees know what types of moves or positions they will be practicing so attendees can be prepared.


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