A new fitness program, WONDERBODY, is set to revolutionize the way women approach and think about fitness. Designed to empower women and help them fall back in love with their bodies, this innovative program offers a completely new take on fitness programs that often fail to deliver lasting results.


WONDERBODY is the first ever online fitness program for dedicated, ambitious women who are ready to honor their bodies and embark on a journey of fitness inside-out (mental, spiritual, and physical) in order to embody their best self and form a beautifully passionate relationship with their body to last a lifetime.

Created with the hopes of revolutionizing the fitness industry, this is everything but your cookie cutter program.

WONDERBODY is in fact a personalized program that takes into account three essential things most programs don’t:

– Where your body is at,
– what are the goals you truly want to achieve for your body, lifestyle, and overall well being
– what your life and schedule looks like so that you can achieve your goals.​

WONDERBODY’s goal: To help women fall in love with their bodies again by educating them on their bodies.


“So many fitness programs out there are focused solely on aesthetics. Although society has always accepted it as the norm, that reality is extremely disturbing,” founder Jackie Torres notes.

Jackie’s previous experience working in corporate America and struggling with body comparison before becoming a personal trainer has given her a different take on fitness.


“For me it got to the point where it deeply hurts me in the depths of my gut to see hard-working moms and women doing their 9-5 job, working overtime, all while trying to live up to or comparing their bodies to a personal trainer or Instagram fitness model whose job is literally to train and stay in shape,” Jackie says.

“Is it ok to put that pressure on ourselves because that’s what we’ve been taught since little girls to compare ourselves to other women?” continues Jackie.

WONDERBODY is designed to help women divorce the destructive habits they fall into when it comes to body shaming, comparison, and unsustainable diets and workouts. “Each woman in this world is one and only and has the capacity to hold up a family, a team, and even the world,” Jackie explains. “We are lovers, mothers, friends, and leaders. We juggle SO much, yet we still beat ourselves down about our bodies telling ourselves that we’re not enough. That has to stop.” she adds.

”I believe when women discover just how incredible their body actually is, that new woke woman has the power to change the world around her,” concludes Jackie.


WONDERBODY is launching just in time for summer on June 1, 2020, and to celebrate the kicking off of the program, there will be a Free 5 Day Fire Challenge, open to the public on the company’s Instagram account @wonderbody.fit from June 1st – June 5th.

Also during the first week of the program launch, between June 1st – June 7th, anyone who signs up for the program within those dates will be able to join for just $1.



What happens when you sign up?

“The program starts off with a 1-1 call with me to identify your goals which can be both aesthetic and intrinsic wellness goals,” Jackie explains. “This is where we can identify what kind of routine would fit into your life schedule and what problems you have encountered in the past that may have interfered with your progress.”

Jackie adds: “The next step is to submit your personal assessment stats which allows us to assign the right program for you. Once you are assigned, you have access to the WONDERBODY Hub as well as the training app where you will have all of your weekly workouts.” Jackie affirms.

The WONDERBODY Hub is your main gateway where users have access to a wealth of tools including the 12 Week Health, Fitness & Nutrition Training series (composed of 5-10 minute videos), All Group Session Recordings, The WONDERBODY Group Chat, The Stretching & HIIT Workout Video Library, Over 300+ recipe shares, and bonus resources such as a Nutrition Guide and Health Journal.

What else can you expect from the program?

WONDERBODY is designed for client success. That means not only having a strong supportive community, but also accountability. The program also includes monthly 30 min check-in calls with Jackie Torres, Weekly live group workouts (45-60 mins), and weekly wins & check-ins in the group chat.

WONDERBODY is a membership, although the training phases you are assigned to throughout the year run between 6-12 weeks. This is how long it takes for your body to progress in each of the goals you want to work on at any given time. The membership is also unlike any other custom program in that cancelling or pausing it for up to 4 weeks is easy and flexible.

What equipment will you need?

Most of the WONDERBODY programs require minimal equipment at the moment, although there are some gym programs in the works for the near future. The bare essentials for most programs only call for dumbbells (5, 8 and 10lbs recommended) and resistance bands (both long bands and glute bands).


Prior to becoming a Certified Trainer, Jackie Torres was a Digital Accounts Manager working in marketing agencies and living the corporate life for over 4 years.

“I used to work 10-hour days and have an hour commute,” Jackie says. “Sometimes nearly 2 hours with South Florida traffic! I was tired and fed up at such an early age. I was also terribly self conscious and had lost so much of my confidence. I felt lost in someone else’s body, with low energy that weighed me down every single day.”

Jackie decided to one day start to go to the gym in her office building to exercise during lunch breaks. “This was so tough for me at first, but quickly became my best sort of therapy during my long days in the office.”

Lo and behold she soon felt a calling for a job that was completely unexpected.

“Throughout the years, I grew more and more fond of fitness, which I felt helped me develop in my professional life and as a leader,” Jackie comments. “After experiencing the benefits of exercise and movement in my life, I decided to become a personal trainer to help bring that experience to others. It became apparent that helping others with the tools for good health as well as empowering women through appreciation for their bodies is my passion.”

What ultimately led Jackie to make WONDERBODY come into fruition?

“For many years, I struggled for a very difficult period in my life that led me to fall into habits of binge eating,” Jackie says. “It was the worst time of my life because I hated how I was treating myself and how I felt. This dark time actually led me to become a nutrition coach and learn as much as I can about the human body and what it needs to function properly. This changed everything for me and the way I see fitness.”

Jackie adds: “I don’t want a single woman in the world to ever feel the way I felt about my body. In our modern culture, we’ve been deprived truly of getting to know our bodies, but once we do, that changes everything.

“This new self discovery along with my absolute distaste for modern day fitness video trends like “thigh gap workouts”, diet culture, detoxes and body shaming that get amplified with so much influence from Tiktok and Instagram drove me to create something a bit revolutionary, that is WONDERBODY.”


WONDERBODY, the first ever online Personalized Fitness Program focused on all aspects of your body’s wellness will be launching on June 1st, 2021. Founded by NASM Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Jackie Torres, WONDERBODY’s revolutionary mission is to help women fall in love with their bodies again by educating them on their body.

WONDERBODY is being offered at a special one time only deal of $1 for the first week to those who sign up from June 1-June 7. The weekly price is $37 per week.


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