The days where people think only men can use weights are thankfully long past, but in case you get some surprised looks when you talk about your lifting here are some benefits to just learning to deadlift alone.

Maybe together we can get more women working on their deadlift form and gaining the benefits now that the whole myth of women not lifting heavy weights has been debunked! Feel empowered, get stronger and get excited about your health and fitness once more!

Using all of your muscles on an innate movement pattern

The deadlift uses an innate human movement which is where you hinge forwards at the hips. It works on your glutes, your core, shoulders, lats and hammies while allowing you the opportunity to lift more weight than almost all other exercises. The biggest benefits to working on your deadlift form include;

1. Improve your overall athleticism – Whether you love to kick a ball, run, or play golf deadlifts improve your overall athleticism so you will get better at the other activities you do. You will have more power behind your jumps, strides, swings and so on.
2. Great cardio at the same time – A lot of women focus more heavily on cardio than
weights but balance is a great thing. It is also true that something like the deadlift that uses all those muscle groups actually does give you a cardio work out too.
3. Get a tighter core – When it comes to reaching those abs deadlifts do a lot more than something like planking.
4. Tighten your butt – Every woman thinks their butt could do with some work and you can do that with a deadlift session included in your workout.
5. Lose weight – Even if your goal with your routine is weight loss, deadlifts included in your exercise plan can help. They burn a lot of calories while working out and after. Get working on your deadlift form.
6. Increase your bone strength – Yes that is right. Deadlifts let you load your hips and spine which are the areas prone to osteoporosis so it strengthens these stressed areas.

Learning how to do a deadlift


1. Place your feet shoulder-distance apart with the barbell placed in front of you.

2. Lower down hinging from your hips keeping a small bend in your knees until you are close enough to grab the bar. You can use an underhand grip, overhand grip or mixed grip. Make sure those hips are hinged and you are not going down into a squat.

3. For proper and safe deadlift form you need to keep your spine neutral by looking forwards not up. It is tempting not to do this but it is important to keep your head down.

4. As you take hold of the bar make sure your shoulders are back and squeeze your core and glutes as you stand. Tuck in your pelvis as you lift the barbell, pause at the top and then slowly lower. You should not drop the bar, lowering it down reversing everything is important. You have just finished your first rep!


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