Help mum out in the kitchen this Mother’s Day with the gift of an innovative, smart cooking tool that could also save her time all-rear-round. MEATER Plus is a no wires, no fuss meat thermometer with a smart guided cook system, allowing mums to cook tasty, perfectly cooked meat or fish without being tied to the kitchen, providing them with the gift of some extra precious time.

It’s so simple to use – Just connect the MEATER Plus to any smartphone or tablet and using a patented technology, MEATER Plus provides estimated cooking times, monitors meat whilst it’s cooking and sends alerts to mobile devices when meat is cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy, saving time and effort.

Mums are expert multi-taskers. A skill honed after plenty of practise juggling various tasks simultaneously. Now, more than ever, with children at home and all that entails, mums are having to perform an increasing number of tasks in their daily routines, which can be exhausting. Mealtimes, in particular, have become harder to manage, as children are more under-foot and there are extra meals to plan and prepare. What better gift to show just how much you care this Mother’s Day than a helping hand in the kitchen, a smart kitchen gadget that just keeps on giving.

MEATEROne of the most impressive assets of a mother’s talent for multi-tasking is the remarkable ability to prioritise. However, it can also be draining on mental resources. MEATER Plus not only takes away the job of cooking excellent meat or fish, it can also completely remove the task from the mind, providing valuable breathing space for mums to take a moment and hopefully even relax a while.

If saving time and effort for your busy mum is high up on your list of ideal gifts this Mother’s Day, then MEATER Plus is the perfect choice.

Priced at £99, available from their website or Amazon.

MEATER was developed to help meat lovers with different cooking skills achieve consistent results when frying or grilling. This fantastic gadget is a must-have for all cooking methods and preparation methods.


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