To celebrate 2021, the year of the staycation and the BBQ, MEATER, the creator of the world’s first smart meat thermometer, has put together a tasty summer bundle to whet your BBQ appetite and is also offering a 10% summer discount in the MEATER store until the 31st August. Simply type in Summer10 at the checkout.

Summer 2021 will go down in history as the year of the staycation. Whether it’s in front of our tents, down on the beach, out in the wild or simply in the garden, we will be reaching for the BBQ more often as we opt to dine alfresco at every sunny opportunity.


With the MEATER Plus smart wireless meat thermometer, you can be confident when cooking all cuts of meat and different types of fish. This must-have culinary gadget is packed full of functionality, yet is simple to use, providing a smart guided cook system which will ensure satisfying results EVERY time. And, because cooking meat on coals, wood or gas can be tricky, MEATER Plus also gives you the peace of mind that your cook is safe-to eat and will ensure your meat is never wasted. Wave goodbye to pink chicken, chewy beef, and dry fish! And if the good old English weather turns, no worries, MEATER Plus is equally as useful in the oven.


No more manning the grill. The feature rich MEATER Plus connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Using MEATER’s patented smart technology, it then provides estimated cooking and resting times, monitors the internal temperature of your meat and the ambient temperature of your BBQ, sends you alerts, and lets you know when your meat is perfect and ready to enjoy. So, kick back and relax while your meat is cooking, enjoy a drink with your friends, or play games with the kids, and let MEATER Plus do all the hard work.


MEATER’s summer bundle is available now. In addition to a MEATER Plus, you can also grab a MEATER Bar Blade which is both a bottle opener and a handy add-on to your MEATER Plus thanks to solid steel, magnetic construction with hook design for convenient hanging. You can also choose between a specially selected Angus and Oink rub to give your preferred meat an extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.


If you’re meat-ing with friends and family this summer, MEATER hopes you will enjoy expanding your grilling repertoire. MEATER has celebrated over eight million cooks from its users with numbers continuing to grow every day. Check out @MEATERmade for countless ideas to mix things up!


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