Lifestyle mentors, Tamara Kino and Dana Perich, of TaDā Wellness launched an online cooking challenge for the month of August. The mission of TaDā Wellness is to empower people to nourish positive lifestyle habits and this challenge does just that.

This interactive experience for social media followers only requires them to make one change to their regular eating a week, starting by making small mindful changes over the one month period.

Week 1 of the Cooking with TaDā Wellness Challenge began with a mindshift. Just because it’s sweet doesn’t mean it’s not nutritious. Tamara and Dana shared recipes of some of their favorite ways to make desserts or snacks more nutritious, while still remaining sweet.

Week 2 challenged participants to make one meatless dinner. Replacing meat just once a week with plant-based choices benefits the body and the environment.

It’s not too late to join. There are still 2 weeks left in the challenge and they include a 5 ingredient meal and a packageless dinner. The goal of this challenge is to create intention in meal planning, prepping, and eating.

Being aware of what is consumed is a key step in establishing a healthier lifestyle and taking one simple step at a time makes a habit more successful!

The challenge can be found on either the TaDā Wellness Instagram page or Facebook page.


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