We enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around us. So, if we can’t live in the middle of nature, we can always find ways of bringing it inside our homes!

Bringing the outside in – is an increasingly popular goal for homeowners. The past few years have seen lots of creative ideas for bringing the outdoors in, which is particularly perfect for homes that might be lacking the outdoor space.

The outdoors has a natural appeal to humans, as the sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed and calm. But how do we get these elements from the outdoors inside of our home? This is where the Bordallo Pinheiro tableware really becomes really handy this summer season! Spectacular fruity favourites like Watermelon & Pineapple are always a winner. Now that we can socialise more freely, it’s time to bring out some party favourites and have your friends or family over once again!

Serve your guests in style with our famous selection of hand-crafted and hand-painted pieces from the Bordallo Pinheiro Tableware Collection, which will add a unique touch to any dinner party. Inspired by Portuguese culture and rustic dining traditions, these pieces will make a striking feature in your home décor, which will grab everyone’s attention as they walk into the room!

Pineapple in SituMust-have pieces for seekers of the unique; these additions to your tableware collection are the perfect way to bring kitsch novelty, personality and a dash of colour to your mealtimes. With their rich colours, curvaceous forms, beautifully glazed finishes and detailed textured surfaces; these pieces are sure to make show-stopping centrepieces and become the talking point around your table! Display individually or together with other colourful creations from the collection if you want to inject a vibrant and zany touch into your table setting.

Bordallo in SituPlace your order for any of the pieces from the catalogue before the end of this week, and receive an exclusive 10% discount with discount code NEWSLETTER10.


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