The first drive-thru opened in 1947 (and it wasn’t a McDonald’s). By the World War II era, carhop service for drive-up restaurants serving burgers and other fast-ish food was common. But it wasn’t until 1947 that the first drive-thru opened, reportedly at Red’s Giant Hamburg on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri.

More restaurants are adding a drive-through component these days. Which is great when you are too tired (or lazy) to get out of the car.

There’s a restaurant that sells ‘pizza by the slice’ in my neighborhood.

Two Fast Food Hacks

These hacks will save you money and time when needing to use fast food dining is part of your busy schedule.

Fast Food Hacks

Hack #1

The first hack is a real time saver. You’ve been sitting in the order line for 10 minutes. After placing the order you arrive at the window only to be told: “Would you pull around the front and we will bring out your food.” This can be insulting after already waiting in line!

When they ask you to pull around front simply say. “That’s okay, just give me a refund. Thanks.” Now, just watch as the order they wanted you to wait (again) for magically appears! This is one of the most satisfying hacks you can use.

Hack #2

Have you ever gone to the most popular fast food restaurant on the planet and asked for a cup of water with your meal? I have personally seen the price for said cup range from 0 to 79 cents (depending on the mood the cashier is in).

Here’s what you do instead. Don’t order your water at the first window. Instead request it at the second window when you pick up the meal. Ask like it’s an afterthought; “Oh, I’m sorry, could I have a cup of ice water too, please. Thanks!”

Want More?

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