Valerie Wilson Reed, aka “Valcooks” has revolutionized the cookbook industry with her new interactive cookbook, “Valcooks Kitchen“.

The spiral, hardcover cookbook consists of over 160 pages of colorful and enticing photos and recipes. Each photo includes a unique QRcode. Hold your mobile device over the code and it takes you directly to the free corresponding YouTube recipe video to show you exactly how it’s prepared. All the videos are a time-saving one to two minutes. All cooking videos are produced, filmed and edited by “Valcooks”.

Valerie, a “Southern girl” from her native Florida, but currently makes the Midwest her home, congers up delectable recipes based on her Creole upbringing and global travels.

She equates her love of cooking to conducting symphony. Her culinary tools are her instruments, her “Valcooks Kitchen” cookbook is her sheet music and the music becomes her gastronomical masterpieces.

Her video series, “Valcooks Kitchen” is featured on her YouTube channel, but is also streamed on American Legacy Network TV. ALN is a nationwide streaming service celebrating African American history and culture. The series was a three time “Taste Award” nominee in 2021.

“Valcooks Kitchen” is a tribute to Valerie’s family, friends and global travel – all of whom have contributed to her joy of cooking. The cookbook’s retail price is $24.95.


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