If your Yumbox has always served you well, but left you wishing you could pack a soup, stew or fresh salad for your kids that will last the school day, you’re in luck.

The cult favourite bento lunchbox brand released their own insulated food jar in early 2019, and since then, the Yumbox Zuppa has become a fast favourite.

Yumbox Zuppa Duo

And now, with the cool weather upon us, there’s no better time to share our top tips for packing your Yumbox Zuppa with a hot or cold lunch.

The key to packing an insulated food jar is ensuring keep it bacteria free until well after your children have emptied it out. To do this, make sure the food isn’t ever hotter than 4°C or colder than 60°C if you’re planning on storing it for an extended period of time (around two to four hours).

Yumbox Zuppa Duo

But how? For cold food, make sure you take it straight out of the fridge and pop it into an insulated cooler bag (inside your Yumbox Zuppa) with an ice pack. For hot food, pack it when it’s way too hot to eat to ensure it stays above 60°C for longer than two hours.

It’s also important to make sure you properly prep your insulated food jar to keep it clean and in good condition. We suggest:

Step one: Fill your Zuppa with boiling water.
Step two: Close it and leave it to sit for five minutes.
Step three: Empty and refill with boiled water.
Step four: Meanwhile, prep your food by heating it beyond hot. Reheat in the microwave or on the stove until near boiling.
Step five: Pour out the boiling water from your Zuppa, and immediately fill it with the hot food.

When you do pack your insulated food jar, fill it right up! A full food jar will retain heat the best, as there is no airspace that will quickly chill the food.

And, as you might have already figured out, it’s important to remember that some foods do better than others when kept in a Yumbox Zuppa for an extended period of time. Crunchiness will quickly turn to sogginess thanks to the trapped heat, no matter which container you’re using, so fill your Zuppa with things like pastas, soups, noodles, rice and soups, or cold salads, yoghurt, cereal and more.

Yumbox Zuppa Duo

Offering everything you could want from an insulated food jar – plus much, much more – the Yumbox Zuppa is suitable for little and big hands. It has an extra wide mouth, making it super easy to fill and eat from, a ‘no slide’ bottom and a ‘no slip’ grip lid.

Like all Yumbox products, the Yumbox Zuppa is totally food safe and BPA-free, so there’s no need to worry about nasties.

The Yumbox Zuppa comes in two funky colours: Neptune Blue and Bijoux Purple (to match your Yumbox Original, Panino or Minisnack in the same colour).

Pick up one up for just $32 – or four payments of $8 with Afterpay – at Minihippo Australia or from Amazon USA website or Amazon UK website or Amazon Australia directly.


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