Amazing Deals for Pregnancy And Baby At Kally Sleep Pillow Shop

We’ve all heard of sleepless nights once a new baby arrives, but who would have thought that the bump can make sleep just as tricky too? To make your nights more comfortable, look no further than Kally Sleep award-winning U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

The selection of full body pillows offer superior comfort and support throughout all trimesters, helping expectant mums to relax and sleep well, they’re especially handy for mothers-to-be who are experiencing back pain.

A maternity or pregnancy pillow is a body pillow that is specially designed to fit and support the changing curves of the body during pregnancy. This long pillow provides full body support.

And, yes, they do help a lot with pregnancy back pain. Consider using a full-length pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

Whilst, the Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow provides relief from reflux.

When sleeping on your back with a standard pillow, acid can move up from your stomach and into your oesophagus more easily. To prevent this, a wedge pillow elevates the head, shoulders, and torso slightly.

Gravity makes it less likely for stomach acid to reflux into the oesophagus when the upper body is elevated. This can help with acid reflux at night.

A wedge pillow can be used while sleeping on your side or back without causing any tension in your head or neck.

The majority of pillows on the market are elevated between 30 and 45 degrees, or 6 to 8 inches at the highest point.

Baby Pillow

The Kally Sleep Baby Nest truly is a parenting essential, offering exceptional, dreamy comfort for your little one, aged 0-8 months.

It’s been designed to keep baby secure and tranquil during relaxation, tummy time and nappy changes and it comes as no surprise that it’s a bestseller, much loved by new parents, shown through the influx of five-star reviews.

Shop the pregnancy and maternity sleep solutions today and make your journey into motherhood that little bit easier! Plus use Code: BUMP&BABY for 20% off any Baby or Pregnancy Pillow! For more offers at Kally Sleep, click here.


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