This school year will be like no other. These unprecedented circumstances have created a new set of priorities, changed our direction, and heightened our focus in ways we never imagined.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with eNasco and created this Back to School Solution Guide as a toolkit of helpful resources to help your readers plan, assess, and above all, keep students safe. As they return to the classroom, or begin a virtual journey with their students, we wish them the very best of luck, and we’re here to support them every step of the way.

Health & Safety: Guide to a Safer School Environment

From safe social distancing, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and more, we want to make sure you and your students have a healthy and safe return to the classroom.

Ensure a healthy and safe return to the classroom to help safeguard your students, staff and community.

Online Educational Games for Kids

You can use BIOPROTECTUs™ System; a non-toxic, spray-on, water-based, antimicrobial way to clean your school with an electrostatic sprayer or fogger. The patented, EPA registered system allows you to treat large areas in less time and with less labor—and you’ll get up to 90 days of continuous protection with each application!


BIOPROTECTUs™ forms a covalent bond with surfaces to mechanically kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses (including COVID-19) and other microorganisms that settle there.


This is how subway systems in large metropolitan areas, world-renowned hospital systems, and other high-traffic public buildings such as museums, stadiums, and public buildings protect visitors.


• Cost savings
• Labor savings
• Continuous protection for up to 90 days
• Safe—uses zero Triclosan, heavy metals, arsenic, titanium, phenols or poison


In the building: Spray classrooms, hallways, libraries, common areas, restrooms … anywhere students and staff will be. You can even use it to protect shared equipment and supplies such as art materials or gym equipment.

On the bus: Treat all interior surfaces to keep riders safe.

Social & Emotional Learning Guide

Everyone is concerned about the return to learning in the fall — whatever form it might take. But teachers are thinking about more than books and lessons. You’re also contemplating your kids’ social and emotional well-being.

home school

With stressors from home tucked into jeans pockets or zipped up in backpacks — out of sight, but never out of mind — students will enter your classroom in need of smiles, understanding, support, and compassion.

It just might be the biggest challenge you’ve faced yet. And it might be the one that matters most.

A Guide to Assessments

With so much time spent away from school, it’s difficult to predict the learning gaps each student is facing. As we begin the new school year, teaching, as well as assessing the learning needs of every student, will become more important than ever before.


To help teachers face this challenge head-on, we encourage them to learn more about Knowledgehook and READ:IT. These powerful assessment tools can help mitigate the time lost, so teachers can easily identify gaps and keep the learning moving forward — both inside and outside of the classroom.

Curriculum & Professional Development

One of the most important qualities of a good teacher is the ability to keep learning. Be ready for the coming year with the proper training and tools in order to give students the most effective learning experience possible.

Online Educational Games for Kids

We offer countless webinars, live lessons and more to keep your readers informed, educated, and ready to guide their students on the road ahead. Plus, the platform also includes a highly-engaging online curriculum ideal for in-class or at-home learning.

Register for a free demonstration of Nasco curriculum today!


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