Independent living communities allow seniors to trade in the stress of home maintenance for access to various on-site amenities like fitness centers, dining rooms, and libraries.

These communities also provide socialization opportunities through a variety of organized events. These communities typically do not offer medical care but can have contracted agencies on-site to provide scheduled assistance with daily living activities as needed.


When seniors live alone, they may lose out on the benefits of socialization. Socialization can help increase self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, and boost physical health.

Residents in independent senior living Southeast Denver can socialize with like-minded peers and nurture long-lasting friendships. They can also take advantage of the many amenities offered by these facilities.

The community lifestyle can remove daily home maintenance tasks such as cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and shoveling snow from the to-do list, leaving time for the senior resident to focus on more meaningful activities.

When participants were asked about social cliques in the senior housing community, they indicated these exist. Some residents report feeling excluded, especially if they do not fit into specific groups based on their age, race, religion, or gender.

However, this is an issue that can be resolved through a variety of ways by the community.



Independent living is one of the least restrictive senior housing options and can be found in various forms, including apartment-like communities or 55+ housing co-ops.

Typically, seniors can live in private homes within a community with shared amenities like libraries, game rooms, swimming pools, and more.

These facilities offer a carefree lifestyle where the hassles of home upkeep, cooking, and cleaning are taken care of for residents. They also provide plenty of opportunities for socialization among peers. They can be an excellent option for people who struggle to leave the house independently because of mobility problems.

The socialization provided by these communities can help maintain healthy cognitive and emotional well-being. Some communities even provide visitation-friendly areas for family members to spend time with loved ones without disturbing their privacy, promoting solid familial ties and emotional support.

Health Care

Independent living communities are designed for adults who no longer require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) but still want access to support services, on-site amenities, and socializing opportunities and activities.

Higher-care senior communities such as assisted living or skilled nursing facilities might be more appropriate for those with more severe health issues. Often, independent living communities have transportation services for local trips, shopping, and entertainment events. It can ease the burden of car maintenance, reduce traffic stress, and make visiting friends or attending medical appointments easier. When comparing different independent living communities, it’s essential to consider the cost of membership fees, monthly rates, and any additional services you may want in the future. Continuing care retirement communities, sometimes called life plan communities, usually require one-time entrance fees reimbursed after a predetermined period. These can add up over time.


Independent living communities help maximize your time in retirement by minimizing everyday chores and responsibilities. Housekeeping and maintenance service teams take care of the small tasks so you can spend your day pursuing interests like exploring new hobbies or dining with friends. Our bodies wear down as we age, and we may need extra care. Many independent living communities include access to on-site physical and occupational therapy and assistive services, making it easier for seniors to live with more independence for as long as possible.

Additionally, most independent senior living communities can provide a smooth transition into assisted living if residents’ needs change. It eliminates the need to move at a stressful time and lets seniors enjoy their home in a familiar community they know. It makes it much less likely that they will get depressed or lose their socialization due to isolation. For this reason, independent living communities have become increasingly popular among older adults.


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