Before you opt to transfer from glasses that you have styled your whole life, to contact lenses, make sure you know everything about them. The first contact lens introduced 200 years ago. But, with the advancements in the eye innovations, it’s expected that these lenses might be replacing safari mobile surfing. Please do not believe the myths about them until you have used them. No matter how much time it takes for you to get comfortable, do not compromise on your solace. This will prevent dry eyes, bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections.

Here are all the things you need to know about the types of contacts, life, designs, and some safety measures to take care of.

Types Of Contact Lenses

Depending on the types, the contact lens is distinguished as the time per contact lens or visionary treatment. With time, the category falls in four phases,

Daily– the lenses are discarded after 24 hours and are the cheapest to buy.

Weekly– the lenses must be disposed of after two weeks of use. It’s suggested to throw them away before two weeks.

Monthly– abandon the contact lenses after month usage and not an hour later. These types of lenses must be washed weekly to cleanse them off any eye debris.

Yearly– some lenses are disposed of after six months. These lenses are the most expensive and have to be bought under proper guidance from an optometrist to prevent future hazards.

Contact Lens or Eyeglass- Which is More Suitable for You?

Moving towards the eye treatment,

Toric lenses– some lenses are so advanced that they can treat myopia if worn overnight. Such contact lenses reform your cornea. Such lenses are called toric lenses.

Multifocal lenses– People over the age of 40 have difficulty reading, presbyopia, so multifocal lenses have replaced the glasses.

Materials Used To Make Contact Lenses.

Every eye has to be treated, so sharing of contact lenses is the topmost non-recommendation from doctors. Some aim for comforting eyes; some focus on cosmetic usage and seek for treating near or farsightedness. Here are some materials mentioned from which contact lenses are made for your consolation.

Soft Lenses Since they are fragile and made of water, they are named as soft lenses. They are flexible and can be worn all day.

Hydrogel Lenses These lenses are porous and made from silicon too. This makes them the most comfortable lens material, which many optometrists suggest for people who have to wear lenses all day.

Gas Permeable, Every time oxygen is blocked towards the cornea, and the eye starts to undergo painful infections. These gas permeable lenses were made specially to allow oxygen into the eyes and let them breathe. These lenses are not made to be worn all day, but they enhance your eye colors even more whenever put on.

Hybrid Lenses They are made from hydrogel or silicone material. But, since these lenses are the most expensive and difficult to insert inside the eyes, many have opted not to buy these lenses.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Users least prefer such lenses because of the material polymethyl methacrylate used in their making. This material makes contact lenses hard to wear, and no oxygen can pass through the lens. This can cause a lot of irritation and infection too.

Designs Of Contact Lenses

With growing fashion senses, the contact lenses are also advancing with time. custom made according to the user’s demands; these lenses are further categorized into the following:

Medical– The lens multifocal for treating presbyopia, spherical for treating myopia or hyperopia. Bifocal used to treat astigmatism, the difficulty of the cornea in focusing. Some lenses made custom to overcome any disfigured eye injury or infection, prosthetic lenses. Scleral lenses are designed with a larger diameter as compared to other lenses to treat keratoconus.

Nonmedical- Some lenses are just used for enhancing eye look or changing the color of the eye. Coloured contact lenses change your eye color from light honey brown to black. Other fashionable lenses may be Halloween contact lenses or summer splashing parties’ lenses. Some contact lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun, preventing cataracts. Such UV inhibiting lenses can be custom made but higher in price.

Guide for Purchasing Lenses Now that you know your eye problems choose the most suitable contact lenses but after the suggestion from your optometrists. Here are some guidelines for first-time users of contact lenses.

Keep yourself updated with your eye number. Get it checked every once in a month.

Never hesitate while asking questions from your optometrists.

Learn how to wash your lenses, be it any type, Halloween contact lenses, UV inhibiting lenses, or colored contact lenses.

It takes time to get comfortable with your lenses. Wait and decide what material suits your eyes the best. Partner up with your doctor and make the best investment.

Tips and Tricks 

With everything mentioned above about the types, designs, and guidelines about contact lenses, now comes the most crucial part of care.

Saline solution change 

Change the solution every time you take out your lenses from the compartment. The solution is a little mix of equal ratios of water and non ionized salt. This can be easily made at home for your convenience.

Don’t blink too much 

It has often happened that too much blinking of the eye while inserting your lenses can irritate the eye. Make yourself comfortable and believe that you can do it. Without blinking too much, force your eyelids upwards and insert lenses carefully. Look left, right, up, and down. This will make your lens stable inside your eyes.

Choose lenses that make you happy

opt for lenses that go with your daily lifestyle preferences. Don’t mix your Halloween contact lenses with your daily usable lenses. The debris from the eye can cause bacterial infections of the eye, making you stay up all night.

What You Should Know Before Buying Coloured Lenses To Ensure Eye Health

The first-time users or regular users must be appropriately guided; the exam follows with your optometrists, and care of the lens. Contact lenses have replaced glasses in no time. They are legal, so choose from a variety of Halloween contact lenses to colored contact lenses.


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