Everything You Need to Know About Post-Liposuction Massage

A cosmetic surgical treatment called liposuction removes extra fat from specific body parts. It can cause swelling and fluid build-up that can take several weeks to dissipate. Without Liposuction massage, this fluid can become fibrosis, a permanent hardening of the tissue. Patients also risk developing a seroma or pocket of fluid.

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A body therapy called a lymphatic drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system, a system of tissues and blood vessels that filters waste and extra fluids. During this massage, gentle strokes encourage lymphatic fluid flow, reducing swelling and improving circulation.

Getting a lymphatic drainage massage from a licensed and certified massage therapist with experience with this particular technique is essential. Otherwise, it may cause more problems and even lead to an infection.

Liposuction surgery causes fluid build-up and swelling as the body’s natural response to damage. If this fluid is not drained correctly, it can become a severe fibrosis problem. It can affect results, slow recovery, and make it hard to achieve your desired outcome.

It is essential to have a lymphatic drainage massage at least twice weekly in the weeks following liposuction. It will help you heal faster and improve your chances of achieving your desired results.

Liposuction Massage


While lymphatic drainage massage can be beneficial after any cosmetic treatment that causes swelling (including a Brazilian butt lift, BodyTite, or noninvasive fat reduction treatments like SculpSure), it is beneficial after liposuction and other surgical procedures. He says that the large areas of the body that are liposuctioned tend to swell more than smaller regions and can benefit from lymphatic massages.

A post-liposuction massage Chevy Chase MD works by gently manipulating the skin and underlying tissues. Therapists use specific strokes to encourage fluid flow and break up adhesions that can lead to scar tissue. Patients not undergoing lymphatic massage after liposuction can expect significant swelling in the treated area(s). This swelling may take longer to dissipate, causing delays in healing and compromising results.

Patients should seek a certified lymphatic massage therapist for at-home treatments or in-office sessions to avoid these complications. Patients should be comfortable reclining during the massage with their clothing removed and their skin exposed.


In a liposuction surgical process, fat cells are removed using a lengthy piece of tubing. It damages lymphatic and blood vessels, leading to bruising and swelling. If lymph fluid remains in the area, it can cause a complication called fibrosis, which thickens the tissue and causes noticeable scarring. Lymphatic drainage massages help reduce the risk of fibrosis and accelerate healing.

Plastic surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate recovery following liposuction and other cosmetic treatments.

However, the massage should only be performed by a licensed and certified professional trained in this technique. The massage therapist must apply gentle pressure to the treated area. A seroma may develop if excessive pressure is used because it might obstruct lymph flow, which prevents the fluid from draining from the region and leads to irritation.

Liposuction Massage


The massage technique used during a lymphatic drainage massage differs from other massages, requiring a trained professional who understands the body’s delicate tissues. A trained therapist will use their palms and fingers to squeeze the tissue circularly to collect fluids stored in the body’s area that underwent liposuction.

Liposuction surgery damages tissue, and edema (pockets of fluid) accumulates, which is why lymphatic drainage massage is recommended. If these pockets are left untreated, they may cause fibrosis or slow the healing process. Lymphatic drainage massage decreases swelling and inflammation, which helps patients visibly see their results sooner. It also increases circulation, allowing the body to heal faster. The massage will also remove trapped blood cells, which minimizes bruising.

It is recommended that patients undergo three to five sessions of lymphatic drainage massage beginning two weeks after their procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon can recommend a qualified massage therapist with expertise in this unique treatment.


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