9 months of pregnancy, 270 days of care. Long path of changes, emotions and surprises. After all, we cannot wait to meet our newborn, impatiently counting time to his labor. What to do to be best prepared? Can we involve technology to support our journey?


Modern dads

It is obvious, that technology gets into every part of our life. And we love it! Dads become technologically boosted as well. Educational and innovative toys, sometimes controlled by smartphones. Strollers with generators at their rear wheels which charge while walking. Baby cameras to monitor our little ones but still be able to catch up with home duties during their nap. These are just few of the examples which make childcare not only comfortable, but also fun!

But what about the very beginning? Days when our baby is still in womb? Besides the pregnancy app for dads which allows us to follow development of our little ones (and e.g. compare their size to a lemon with funny notes) one of the most popular supporter is a contraction counter app.

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Counting like a boss

Contrary to popular opinion, contraction counter app does not only count. It can also let you know, if your partner is experiencing the Braxton Hicks (false alarm boy!) or is it really this time. By analysis of the data you provide, it can pick up the pattern and let you know if you should get the car ready.

Other possible option is the contractions support. Basically it is a soothing music, sounds of nature or just calming voice counting down, to comfort your partner. Yes, you must handle that – sometimes your voice is not enough 😉

Another feature that can be found in pregnancy app for dads are useful tips. Usually all of us have graduated a childbirth course, but in case of emotions and stress, most of the information seem to fade. Do’s and don’ts, things to focus on, things that can worry us – it is better to have a list prepared by a specialists than searching them up in hurry. It can also give you some inspirations how to support your partner with massage or breath exercises tips.

Be a labour hero

Nothing can be more useful for a doctor or a midwife than your detailed notes, aggregated in contraction counter app. Time and length of contractions, time the water breaks and its color are three main data sources that are necessary to lead your labour safely.

Let your app help you during these important moments. Focus on your beloved ones and yourself rather than on a stopwatch. Leave the counting to a contraction counter app to support your partner like a boss!

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