Do you want to get your teeth straightened and improve confident smile? Are you not sure about the right kind of braces for your need? Well, this is the situation when you might be asking yourself these following questions:

1. Which brace will act quickly?

2. Which brace is the most effective?

3. What are the costs involved with the treatment?

Your Invisalign provider can help to get answers for all your queries and improve your appearance and smile.

Difference between tooth colored fixed braces or Invisalign

The difference between them is that tooth coloured fixed braces can be bonded together to your teeth surface so that they cannot be removed. On the other hand, Invisalign braces involve wearing a series of clear ‘aligner’ braces that can be removed at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Invisalign brace is less visible than a fixed brace though tooth colored fixed braces fir properly with your teeth surface.

Tooth coloured fixed braces are actually precise and act quickly in the tooth movement that they can achieve. They are particularly meant for all kinds of orthodontic problems. Invisalign treatment in London, on the other hand,is a slower acting brace to shift teeth properly. It is said to be a suitable option for less complicated orthodontic problems such as mild teeth crowding.

Tooth colored fixed braces for discreet straightening

If you are worried about the braces being visible, then our tooth colored fixed braces provide a precise and discreet way to realign teeth. They work like conventional metal fixed braces and so, thanks to their tooth-colored wires and tiny ceramic (or clear) brackets.


Benefits of choosing tooth colored fixed braces:

• They blend in with your natural teeth
• Small and comfortable brackets to wear
• Less visible when compared to conventional braces
• Shift teeth into proper alignment quickly


More information about tooth colored fixed braces:

• Since the brackets are fixed to the teeth, you must pay heed to improved dental health and hygiene. Do not leave any food on the braces by brushing after taking each meal, other than brushing twice a day. You may use interdental brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas so that you can prevent further oral problems.
• You might damage your braces at the time of biting on hard or chewy foods and so, try to cut up harder items or avoid them altogether.
• These elastic bands that usually get wrapped around your brackets on brace may cause stain marks after you eat certain foods such as – strong tea., red wine, black coffee, dark colored and spicy foods, etc. This problem can be solved during your next visit at the dental clinic by changing the braces quickly.
• This discreet option is given to private patients only.


Invisalign  is a suitable way to straighten teeth effectively

Invisalign is a hardly noticeable way to treat misalignment of your teeth. This teeth straightening system consist of a series of clear and customised aligners that will shift your crooked teeth to their desired position. Invisalign can help to attain exceptional results if some of your teeth are not in proper place and you have mild biting problems.

Sincere thanks to its almost visible appearance, Invisalign is a suitable solution for teenagers and adults who might feel self-conscious about wearing these fixed braces. These aligners can be removed at the time of cleaning teeth, eating and for special occasions to look at your very best.

Benefits of wearing Invisalign to improve your look:

• almost invisible so that others cannot notice the braces
• remove when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing
• customised to fit your mouth properly for straighter teeth
• thin and comfortable to wear for at least 20 to2 2 hours daily

Additional information on Invisalign braces:

• You might feel a bit uncomfortable when wearing these aligners, but this is just some feeling of pressure and good indication that your teeth are shifting properly to their desired position.
• Although Invisalign aligners can be removed completely, you need to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours a day in order to ensure the most effective results quickly.

What are the costs involved with the treatment?


Your treatment options are customised to meet your exact requirements and nature of your orthodontic problems. Consequently, the cost of the treatment will differ from one person to the other. Your personalised treatment plan and report will provide you with a quote for the treatment you have to undergo. Thus, the costs associated with Invisalign seem to be a bit more due to more treatment time and personalised aligners. The investment you would like to make for straightening teeth and improving smile are important and so, there are several repayment options to make the process easy and convenient.

You have to wear a retainer after undergoing the treatment with Invisalign clear braces in London to keep your straighter teeth in proper position so that they may not shift further. Thus, you can restore your attractive and confident smile with this procedure and improve overall appearance.


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