While washing the hands with soap and water is the best way to keep hands clean, there can be times when you don’t have access to soap and water, and in that case, you can use instant hand sanitiser. These hand sanitisers are powerful enough to get rid of dirt and other microorganisms. You can wash your hands with liquid soap, but you cannot remove microorganisms from your hands. You need to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in this regard.

Even the WHO recommends using hand sanitisers, and if you are buying them, you must choose the right type of hand sanitisers. This buying guide is going to help you to make the right purchase.

Quick tips to buying instant hand sanitisers:

Instant Hand Sanitiser

Type of hand sanitisers

there are different hand types of sanitisers available in the market. In Australia, you will find three different types of hand sanitisers:

Therapeutic hand sanitisers

These are governed by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and they comply with the parameters specified by the TGA. 

Cosmetic hand sanitisers

These have good antibacterial properties. These are not regulated by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) if:

  • They are used for personal or domestic use
  • These are not used for healthcare sanitization
  • These cannot kill viruses and they are not suitable for Covid-19
  • They have low-risk ingredients (they do not contain any ingredients as per Schedules 2, 3, 4 or 8 of the Poisons Standard)

WHO formulation

The next and the most in-demand instant hand sanitisers are the ones that have been manufactured as per WHO regulations. These are suitable for healthcare facilities and people can easily buy these sanitizers for their regular uses. 

Alcohol content

Instant Hand Sanitiser

The most important ingredient of hand sanitiser is the alcohol content in it. It is this alcohol that plays an important role in ensuring complete hand sanitisation. Some of the sanitisers available in the market have as low as 30% alcohol, which is not so effective in killing the viruses. As per the studies, hand sanitisers made with 70-80% alcohol can kill the bacteria and certain types of viruses. 

Packaging of products

Hand sanitiser packing also plays an important role. You cannot carry a heavy bottle of sanitiser along with you everywhere. For example, you are travelling, and you need to use a hand sanitiser, in such a case, a handy bottle of instant hand sanitiser will be a good choice. You will also have the option of choosing environment-friendly bottles of hand sanitisers. 

Key components of the hand sanitiser

The component of hand sanitiser is also important. Continuous use of hand sanitiser can leave your hands dried out. To avoid this, you must check the ingredients of hand sanitisers before making a final call. You can choose some hand sanitisers made from aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerine. Also, you must check that the hand sanitiser is free of parabens and sulphates. You must also check the fragrance. Some hand sanitisers have a strong odor, and for people who have sensitivity issues, it can trigger an allergic response. So make sure that you also check the fragrance of the hand sanitiser before you use it. 

This was the basic guide that will help you find the best hand sanitiser for your use. In times of pandemics, you must take care of your hand hygiene. Using instant hand sanitiser is the best way to keep your hands clean when you don’t have access to soap and water. When you are making a purchase, you must buy the best quality products and you can search them online to choose alcohol-based sanitizers. 

What To check When Buying An instant Hand Sanitiser Online



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