When communities reach crisis-levels of hunger, the heaviest burden often falls on mothers. Many women eat last and least — sacrificing their own meals to feed their husbands and children.

A parent’s need to do whatever it takes for their children to thrive feels just as urgent no matter where you live.

International Women’s Day #Pledge4Moms

Before this coming International Women’s Day on March 8th, will you pledge to stand up for moms in the world’s hungriest places who are trying their best to care for themselves and their families?

International Women’s Day #Pledge4Moms

We believe in a world without hunger, and you should too so this is why we’re joining the World Food Program (WFP) and ELMENS.com. WFP USA is the recognized leader in America’s pursuit to end global hunger, inspiring individuals, businesses and policymakers to do everything in their power to create a Zero Hunger world.

International Women’s Day #Pledge4Moms

Before International Women’s Day on March 8, tag three friends in your post asking them to pledge, too and ask them to share the posts so more Women and Families can benefit.

Let’s stand up for strong women around the world who are doing whatever it takes to care for themselves and their families — especially in the world’s hungriest places.

Some know me as an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Surgery and for my other interests as well. I have helped build a magazine for Men’s interests and another Global directory for offers and deals. I cofounded a Sportswear and Fitness store and launched a Woman’s interests magazine. Lastly, I am testing an English news website and an Arabic blog.


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