Most of the time cosmetic doctors are appraised on the social media for showcasing such accurate transformation works. The latest innovation to the world of cosmetic science and surgery is smart injectable lip fillers. Nowadays, women get obsessed big full pouted lips.

Basically, it acts like an indication of youthful younger face improving the overall appearance and application of makeup greatly. According to the leading dermatologists, lip augmentation offers pillowy lips to look perfect in IRL and selfies.

Although they look sexy yet it comes with numerous other side effects with which you aren’t get familiarised with. However this blog will introduce you to those by reading it at once.

Earlier women were pretty happy with their small mouth. Even it becomes the latest trend yet mouth maximization possesses numerous hidden downsides. As it is to be done repeatedly for a number of seasons for enlarging the lips the filler acts differently.

Lipstick Girl

It expands the tissue forever stretching the skin permanently. As a result, the lips will get sagged and deflated with degradation of the filler. It may end up with a much worsened lips than that of the very early stage. At that stage, there is nothing to do and even doctor couldn’t help you out of the situation.

Moreover, considering the probability of dropping down of the idea by the patients they never discuss about these long-term potential pitfalls of the fillers. At that time, the only thing left to do is to lip reduction surgery to trim down the excessive skin to retain your normal lips. But there is a high chance of leaving significant scars by the surgery at the same time.

Whenever it is about lip augmentation how much extension can be done is directly depended on the anatomy of the person. Only a highly experienced surgeon or dermatologist can assess the amount of space is there around your lips for extension with their keen eye.

However, the person’s ability of making judgement gets impaired completely by the fuller-than-full pout’s overwhelming ubiquity. Thousands of women are there want natural look by undergoing lip augmentation and at last get ended up with overfilled lips. They consider their normal adequate lips as much smaller than ever.

Moreover mostly over-injected lips can be found on the unadorned face of aged women. Although they are millionaire yet they are obsessed with fuller pout oversized lips. On the basis of the aesthetic appearance if ever their lips are big enough they simply deny it along with the lip reduction surgery.

They insist for much bigger and filled lips which make them look horrible and awkward. As the lips are already firm and tight in such instances it is really difficult to inject without any flow of blood from the incision area. As a result, you may find numerous misinformation and rumours are going to spread everywhere regarding the skill and experience of the cosmetic dermatologist.

So, always lip augmentation type and procedures must be left over to the surgeon as they are the most experience personnel in this respective field. Doctors use Volbella, the latest lip-specific injectable hyaluronic acid for enhancing the lips by crisping its edges, smoothing its fine lines and without offering much volume. A perfect look you can obtain with this lip filler.

From now onwards while you are planning to undergo lip augmentation look for a board-certified injector. They are the only one who will be going to discuss every pitfall and benefit of lip augmentation and other facts with you before the procedure. Even you can visit a highly preferable and popular clinic like Lip Fillers London to highlight your concern and according perform the lip enhancement procedure.


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