The Menomagic range of products are designed to make menopause a bit more bearable. The products were developed by Steven Crumblehulme for his own mum, who is menopausal and whose preference is not to take HRT. Their most well known product is the Menomagic Cooling Cream for hot flushes.



Whilst working as a holistic therapist in the Cotswolds Steven developed a skin cream made from four essential oils which have been traditionally been used during the menopause;

  • Peppermint to cool the skin
  • Rose Geranium to ease anxiety and uplift low moods
  • Lavender to aid sleep and relaxation
  • Clary Sage to balance hormones


After making the cream in small batches for his clients and mum, word spread and he was soon making more and more. Working in conjunction with a leading UK cosmetic chemist he then increased production to start selling the cream, now called Menomagic, to the public.


The aim of the Menomagic cream is to cool the skin during hot flushes, promote calm and reduce anxiety. It is applied to pulse points including wrists and neck and is sold in 50ml containers.


To meet demand from customers for a wider range, the company now sells four other products;
– A Lavender and Rose Geranium Pillow Spray to aid sleep
– A Nourishing Shea Body Butter to ease itching and tingling skin
– A Rejuvenating Marula Oil Facial Serum to combat dry skin caused by lower oestrogen levels
– A 15ml travel version of the popular Cooling Cream for hot flushes

All the Menomagic products are carefully scrutinised by Steven’s mum and clients before release and they’ve received numerous positive reviews:

“My friend sent me the cream and pillow spray as a gift as she knows I have been suffering with very bad hot flushes! I have to say I have been using them both only for a couple of days and the benefits have been amazing! I can’t believe it as I would wake up in the night with them constantly use a fan and during the day they would overtake my work schedule! I am so pleased they have lessened great products totally recommend.” Susan, Facebook.

“Received my first order this morning and all I can say is WOW, the cooling cream really does work.”, Jill, Facebook

“I have been using these products since August and have endless nights of restful uninterrupted sleep”, Anna, Facebook.

“Can definitely say that since using Menomagic it has made a big difference, not only with hot flushes but it has truly helped with my anxiety”, Cindy, Facebook.


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