Since clinics re-opened on 12th April, experts have seen a sharp increase in clients suffering with redness, skin sensitivity and breakouts which has been dubbed “inflammaging”.

Chantal Johnson Owner of The Salon in Cranleigh Surrey says, “We have seen around a 50% increase in clients with irritation, redness and breakouts in the last few weeks of reopening. I think this is a combination of increased stress over the lockdown period and possibly COVID infection or vaccine. We have also had a client experience a very severe breakout from a treatment that we would normally do on a monthly basis, after having had her vaccine a few weeks ago and that is the only thing that had changed in her medical history.”

Experts thinks that the Covid vaccination could cause an inflammatory cascade that affects the skin

“The vaccine is temporarily affecting, altering and lowering our immune system and I do think yes, it is very plausible that it can cause an inflammatory response.” says Johnson

Amy Spiers, Skin Therapist and Owner of Remedi Medispa agrees,“Since reopening, around a third of my clients have commented on suffering with their skin during the second lockdown period when Covid was at its peak. I feel this may have been a perfect storm concept: a combination of seasonal skin challenges, increased time spent indoors with central heating on, time spent in front of screens, poor diet & increased alcohol consumption affecting gut health, stress related hormone imbalances, and the inflammatory reactions and the weakening of the skin’s immunity after someone has had covid or the covid vaccine.”


Both Chantal and Amy recommend regular Byonik PPL treatments for clients suffering with inflammation

The NASA-inspired device uses dual wavelengths of clinically proven pain-free laser to boost collagen and enhance the skin’s metabolism, whilst also creating an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory response within the skin and surrounding tissue. Thanks to the red-light laser, the Byonik works to heal inflamed and reactive skin, repairing skin at a cellular level and locking in hydration at the same time, calming down redness and irritation without causing the skin any trauma or pain.

“The BYONIK has been a miracle cure for treating these clients. Even after just one treatment I can see a huge improvement in skin sensitivity, dehydration, redness and inflammatory skin conditions, which have also been on the rise, such as rosacea and acne!”, says Spiers.

“We also suggest simplifying your skincare regime. Products like the BYONIK PH Calming Spray and Seal are very popular as all contain high levels of anti-inflammatory ingredients and repair and strengthen the skin barrier without irritation”, adds Chantal.

Teresa De Graca Founder of Pure Swiss Aesthetics & Pure Skin Boutique says, “The effects of stress on the skin will be a huge focus coming out of the pandemic.”

“We have seen a staggering 58% increase in the demand and buying pattern for Barrier Repair, Anti- Redness and calming related skincare and treatment products since clinics re-opened. Rising rates of adult acne, rosacea, flares of eczema, and psoriasis are all becoming increasingly common Machine sales of BYONIK have increased by 200% since January 2021 as clinics look to meet the demand for safe, gentle and progressive treatments that can help to rebuild and repair skin on a cellular level, without having to induce the inflammatory cascade”, adds Teresa.

The BYONIK Pulse-Triggered Laser Treatment is available nationwide.
BYONIK skincare products can be found online.


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