The CDC, Obama, NCIRD, and all health experts agree: One of the easiest, most effective way to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, disease, and viruses (like COVID-19) is to wash your hands thoroughly & often.

This is bringing good hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness into the spotlight — where it should be. This is basic stuff we tend to overlook when there’s not something scary reminding us that it’s important.


The uptick in attention is driving a lot of demand for companies selling masks, hand sanitizer, soap, and other cleaning products. We’re seeing some of the soap products go out of stock, and many customer inquiries about the effectiveness of Puracy products.

Our position is pretty simple: we agree with the CDC and think washing your hands correctly & often is part of a well-balanced approach to staving off illness. It’s not a perfect solution (and nothing is), but it is very effective, very easy, and very efficient.

Puracy hand soap is fantastic for multiple uses per day, because it contains moisturizing ingredients that will not dry your skin. It’s also natural & safe like all of our products, which means it won’t be introducing bad ingredients to your skin or home while sacrificing efficacy.

In short, during this time of heightened awareness of the importance of washing your hands and maintaining good hygiene, we’d like to remind people that we make a very affordable, natural, plant-based, and effective line of hand soap, body wash, and home cleaning products.

And we hope soap companies won’t be raising their prices to capitalize on the moment like many others, because it’s not in line with our mission to make green & clean products available to the most people possible.

Natural soap so clean… you’ll want to get dirty. Claim your FREE Natural Hand Soap from Puracy; Powerful germ & bacteria fighting ingredients and High-foaming, plant-powered formula purifies skin. Wash your hands over 20 times a day without drying with a soap developed by Doctors & Chemists, made in the USA. The bottle cleans over 576 hands per bottle that has no BS (Bad Stuff), like sulfates, coco betaine, parabens, phosphates, perfumes, & more.

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Checkout their products and tell us what you think in the comment section below….


  1. It’s a really tough time for all of us. Washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks can definitely make a difference during this pandemics.


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