There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the menopause, so it’s essential to know the facts – and a great way to do this is to attend a webinar by a leading expert and public speaker. Norma Goldman, founder and director of The Menopause Exchange, usually presents talks and workshops but because of the current situation she’s presenting webinars instead.

The aim of The Menopause Exchange is to raise the awareness of the menopause among women, healthcare professionals, complementary practitioners, line managers, health and safety officers and anyone else who is responsible in the workplace for the wellbeing of employees.

Norma Goldman BPharm. (Hons) MRPharmS. MSc. (health promotion) has a pharmacy degree and is a qualified health promotion specialist. She has been presenting talks and workshops on the menopause for over 21 years, and her in-depth knowledge has helped thousands of women enjoy a more comfortable menopause.

Norma’s ‘Understanding the menopause’ webinar is suitable for women at or approaching the menopause, women who have had a premature menopause (before age 40) or a hysterectomy, or anyone with an interest in women’s midlife health. Post-menopausal women attend presentations too. Every webinar provides impartial, reliable, up-to-date and practical information on all aspects of the menopause, to help women make informed decisions about coping at this time of life. If you join the webinar, you’ll be able to ask questions, receive a factsheet and hear about other women’s experiences.

Topics covered include:

• General information on the menopause
• Menopausal symptoms
• Health promotion advice and self-help lifestyle tips
• Prescribed medicine alternatives to HRT
• Complementary therapies and medicines
• Nutrition
• The menopause at work


Examples of positive feedback from attendees of webinars, talks and workshops include:

“This session made me aware of symptoms I have that I did not know could be related to the menopause.” (Hospital Trust)

“You were engaging and knowledgeable. I felt it was a safe place.” (Major Company)

“Many thanks for a superb, informative webinar. I really enjoyed it. It was good to hear from other women that they are having problems like myself and a great opportunity to ask questions and hear your answers.” (University)

“Norma was very articulate; obviously is very well versed in the subject, informative, clear and precise in her speaking.” (Law Firm)

“This talk has opened a door for me where I feel that I know where to get information about the menopause, including health promotion and dietary advice.” (Bank)

“The excellent information for coping with the menopause was very balanced, looking at HRT, complementary therapies and tips.” (Nurse)

“Very useful, helpful and invaluable information. Should be held regularly – enjoyed immensely.” (Council Office)

The Menopause Exchange is unbiased and independent and isn’t sponsored by any companies or organisations. Our free quarterly newsletter contains articles written by top UK medical experts, including gynaecologists, GPs, consultants, specialist menopause nurses, complementary practitioners, pharmacists and dietitians. We also include news, book reviews and our ‘Ask the experts’ page. Each issue of The Menopause Exchange’s free quarterly newsletter is emailed to over 11,500 people, including women, men, healthcare professionals, workplace managers and journalists.

To join The Menopause Exchange, anyone can sign up for free on our website, You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (@MenopauseExch).


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