So you are looking to put your eyeglasses in your drawers and taking up coloured contact lenses as your preferred eye wear. Well, that is how things are nowadays as coloured contact lenses have become so popular. But you need to be careful about the coloured contact lenses you are going to buy. There are a lot of health and safety precautions you need to take before you can use them safely.

When it comes to the safety and health of your eyes, you must be extra careful about it. Compromising the health of your eyes is an absolute no.

Coloured contact lenses like the blackout contact lenses are used regularly for fashion purposes and also for vision correction. Of course people who need to correct their vision would also want to enhance their lifestyle with the latest trends.

So in order to get the best coloured contact lenses for yourself you need to follow the below steps.

Get a doctor’s appointment.

Deciding on using coloured contact lenses is not such a bad idea. Alongside getting your vision corrected, if needed, you can also join in with the latest fashion trends and beautify your eyes. But before you do that, you must get a doctor’s appointment so that you can have your eyes tested.

What You Should Know Before Buying Coloured Lenses To Ensure Eye Health

There are a lot of different types of coloured contact lenses available and your doctor would suggest you the type that is best for your eyes.

Clear everything with your doctor.

You must tell your doctor everything, from why you want to use coloured contact lenses to if you are suffering from any conditions. Once you have mentioned everything the doctor would have all the details about you and would suggest you only the best coloured contact lenses type to wear.

Just about everyone can wear coloured contact lenses

Well, there is a growing concern that only people with correct vision can wear coloured contact lenses. That is not true, if you have vision problems, you can get your doctor to prescribe you a coloured contact lens for vision correction.

Your coloured contact lenses must be taken care of properly

If you want your coloured lenses to keep making you look beautiful then you need to take complete and proper care for them. You must wash them with the disinfectant solution after using them and then put them safely inside the storage case.

Maintaining the storage case is also important

The place where you store your coloured eye contacts needs to be maintained also. The storage case requires to be kept clean and stored in a safe place where it will receive no damages. Your coloured contact lenses usually get damaged because of the worsening condition of the storage case. Keep them cleaned with the disinfectant solution and put them safely in a clean and protected area.

Don’t wash your lenses with water or a homemade solution.

One big mistake coloured contact lenses users do is that they sometimes use water or homemade solution to clean their lenses.Especially once their original disinfectant solution ends. It must be mentioned that water and homemade solutions should not be used to clean your contact lenses. Water has micro-organisms that could get on your lenses and you do not know the chemical composition of homemade solutions. This could damage your lenses and leave them unwearable.

If you accidentally sleep in them, don’t try to take them off right away.

One more important thing is that you must not sleep with your coloured contact lenses. Always take them off before you go to sleep. When you sleep your eyes dry up and because of that the coloured lenses may stick on your eyes and cause abrasion. But, if that happens by mistake, you must not panic at all. First re-wet your eyes with a dropper and then take them out.

Never share your contact lenses with anyone.

You might want to share your contact lenses with your close friends and family members. After all, your coloured lenses would be so cool. But, in any case, you must not share your coloured contact lenses with anyone. They are your property and sharing them could transmit diseases from one person to another. Stay safe and use your coloured lenses wisely.

If you can’t get your contacts out, stay calm.

This happens mostly with people who are new to using coloured contact lenses. When you come home after a long day or a tiring party you might fail to take out your lenses. At that time you shouldn’t worry, re-wet your eyes and try again. After one or two tries it will come out. If it doesn’t you can ask the help of your doctor to take them out for you.


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