Let’s face it, we could all do with a bit of cheering up at the moment. A few jaunty accessories can help pep up the feel-good factor at home – and we’ve some new additions that could well bring some comfort and joy!

Blue horizons

The blues don’t have to bring you down, they can also lift your mood sky-high – think of the ocean on a clear midsummer’s day. Blue is also a calming, dependable colour and a shade that mixes with neutrals as well as brights. Our blue pebble cushions combine the best of both worlds: the deep blue shade of the depths of the sea and a pebbles motif that echoes the shore. We also have a beautiful blue ombre throw with oversized pom poms that will add softness and style to any chair, sofa or bed. Team with a plain blue cushion and sail away…

Hooray for herringbone

In an easy-going natural shade with a subtle herringbone/ripple effect pattern, this cushion will slot into any room, just about any colour scheme, in any style of home. What’s not to like?

Golden delicious

Lustrous gold adds opulence and warmth to your interiors, even if it’s just a glimmer here and there. Our ribbed gold vase will deliver a shimmer just where you want it, as will our glass decorative candle holder with leaf motif.

Romancing the stone

We’re loving the rusticity and solidity of stone right now, especially when it looks like it’s survived a century or two outdoors being ravaged by the elements! Where precious metals add glamour, stone brings us right back down to earth – and the two very different materials can work well together in a room. Our newest stone accessories include a rugged stone pot in two sizes – small and large – which look great displaying some faux flowers or greenery.

Reflected glory

Mirrors throw light around a room incredibly effectively… and you don’t only have to hang them from walls. Mirrored trays are small enough to lean against shelves or be propped up on consoles or side tables to reflect light (especially useful in a dark corner) or used as trays on coffee tables or ottomans so that you see glints of light as you look down at them. We’ve a new pair of gold embossed mirrored trays that are particularly pretty and sure to light up a grey winter’s day.

Chilling out

Ooh for lots of sociable bubbles instead of Covid-era social ones! But even if we aren’t sharing so much fizz this Christmas, we can still enjoy a corker of a bucket. This large aluminium cooler with chunky handles is seriously impressive and when not storing a bottle or two can be used to display faux greenery or spring bulbs.

Marvellous marble

It’s easy to add a veneer of sophistication with marble – this natural metamorphic rock has a characteristic veined appearance which can be polished to perfection and adorns many a luxury bathroom and kitchen. But you don’t need a mountain of marble to make a statement. Take a look at our small round marbled tray, rectangular marbled tray, and set of six marble coasters – all ways of displaying this solid rock in a light-hearted way!

Luscious succulents

Echeveria are desert plants with attractive fleshy, waxy rosette-shaped leaves that conserve water well. Fortunately, with our faux variety, you can get the same realistic look without the faff of watering. Set in a rustic stone trough, these little treasures look wonderful on a windowsill or shelf.

Lights fantastic


We have three new lamps to shed light anywhere in your home in deepest December. There’s the statuesque Sara with a tall grey rustic wooden base that’s 54cm tall (74cm with its cream shade); the shorter, more classical Florence with a grey columnar base that’s 34cm tall (52cm with its grey shade); and the delightful Daisy with a white-washed wood candlestick base that’s 45cm tall (66cm with its white shade).

Flower power

Give your couch a pretty floral dimension with our Fleur flower-shaped grey velvety cushion. It rings the changes when sat amidst a collection of square and rectangular cushions, or gives a bedroom chair a soft, feminine vibe.


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